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Number 8?
Well, it took me a little while to figure out how to post, but is anyone else watching the Bama/Michigan game? My eyes are getting pretty bad, but I think I see a little number 8 in front of Michigan? 31-0!

I don't know, Bama looking like the team to beat again this year!
Gee thanks for the encouragement,
Please don't feed the animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Michigan is not a #8 team in my opinion. I know a lot of sports guys are wanting to see someone else other than sec in the nationals championships, but Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas are hard to beat. As much as I love the SEC, I would like to see penn state make a turn around...the kids deserve it after what ole sandy put them through. Don't get me wrong though I will always be a razorback fan.
Well its wide open for somebody to dethrone the SEC. Its simple bring a team good enough to compete. Hands down the top teams in the SEC are the best in college football and to keep changing the rules to try to beat them is a load of crap.
This animal has been so well fed that he is practically tame for the time being.

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"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
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