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Not a Mustang....but still kinda cool
Oh, I don't doubt they were good highway cars. Even though big cars are not my style, my 71 is probably as big as I'd go, but there are some cars that I really like the styling, not the size. The Mark lll's were a good clean look, before the Mark lV of the Cannon tv show with William Conrad. That was when they really started to like the living room, not just the sofa. I also like the 67-68 Thunderbird. For some reason, those and the 67-68 Cougars really lodged in my 5 year old brain with their hidden headlights. Two of my really favorite big cars were the 55 Chrysler Imperial coupe and the 55 Packard Carribean...black but no whitewalls and no fins!
Oh yes, Packard Caribbean, awesome car. Up until perhaps the mid-1980's or so, there was an excellent classic car collection called "Gast Classic Motorcars" located in Strasburg PA (also known for its steam engine line). I went there many times with friends, and they had everything from a '64 GTO Convertible, to a Countach, to the aforementioned Packard Caribbean. I spent a lot of time looking at that car. Took a lot of great pics as well, and I have no idea where they are. Such a cool place but I believe the collection was liquidated once the senior family member passed away. Now the building is a furniture store- saw it on Google Maps. They also had a huge gift shop with all sorts of collectibles, models, coffee table books for various marques, and so forth. They sold classic cars as well, but at that time their offerings were out of my league. There were some nice eateries nearby and I think back to some pleasant memories. Anyway, the Lincoln mentioned in this post looks like an excellent cruising machine. Full-sized American iron is many times the value of the century in classic cars. Most are gone, victims of corrosion like many others, but I often see US luxury cars listed in various parts of the country. The internet and classic car transport companies make almost anything possible these days.
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