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No Power to #3 fuse, instrument cluster
I have power to all the fuses except for #3 (4 amp fuse) which governs the instrument cluster lamps, etc. New turn signal switch is installed. What is the root of the problem? Thanks for any assistance in chasing down this gremlin

[Image: rh906w.jpg]
Tim: Restoring 71-73 Ponies, Restoring People
The power to fuse 3 is from the light switch dimmer. Is the light switch plugged in? The power to the light switch is from the black fuse link wire on the starter solenoid. Do the headlamps work ok? Then there is the breaker inside the headlamp switch just for the instrument lamps.

or the knob is not rotated to the right just before it clicks (the click turns on the dome light)
Oh, and the lights must be on for the fuse to be powered.
Thanks to both of you contributors for responding to my electrical question.

I changed out the headlight switch, removed the speedo cluster, changed out the bulbs, cleaned the printed circuit contact places. I now have power to #3 fuse, blinker lights work, all the interior illumination lights work, etc.

All the gremlins have been discovered and removed. Best wishes to anyone else on the forum with electrical gremlins. They can try your knowledge and patience. Don't give up.

[Image: rh906w.jpg]
Tim: Restoring 71-73 Ponies, Restoring People
Good findings! I have similar problem. When I bought the car I had only working indicator lamps for left and right turn signal and high beam indicator. The automatic shifter light and courtesy light was also working. I have now removed the instrument cluster and replaced the bulbs for LED. I also replaced most of the fuses with new ones.

After replacing the bulbs for LED, the lamp for right turn signal works as expected but the left gets barely no power, flashing indistinctively when turning left. High beam indicator does not work now, tried switching the polarity on the LED. I also made sure the connector was really connected. However, a lamp under the radio is working now. The automatic shifter light, courtesy light and parking brake indicator are working. The glove box light and lamps in the switches for window wiper, cigarette lighter and light switch is not working.

I'm thinking of trying to clean the connector with some electric spray and take a look at the headlight switch. It might need to be replaced. I'll also borrow a volt-meter from a friend to see if there is enough power. Do you guys have any other suggestion what to check?

Waiting for spring and summer...
I solved my problem. As I wrote earlier I switched to LED. The small metal connectors on the LED did not properly make contact with the sockets. I cleaned the sockets and the circuit board with some electric cleaning spray and a brushed them a bit. Then I spreaded the metal connectors on the LED making sure they made contact with the sockets.

Waiting for spring and summer...
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