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No gas Holley Pump nosel
Have a 40 miles on a Holley 650 (4 barrel), that is @ 7 years old. I cant' get the engine to turn over unless I pour gas in carb. I noticed the Accelerator primary Pump Nosel doesn't squrit at all when the throttle activated. New gas tank, old fuel lines, corrosion ocassionaly in glass fuel filer, new fuel pump. any suggestions, where to start?
First.... be safe. Make sure you have a bucket to catch fuel. I would start with the line at the carb and work my way back. pull the line and bump the solenoid to see if the pump is supplying fuel as the motor cranks. I fit does you must have some type of blockage in the carb. If you do not get fuel pull the line supplying the pump to see if you get fuel(don't forget the bucket). If you have a few gallons in the tank gravity should give you a decent stream of fuel from the supply line. One thing I would want to check would be that the Fuel sender/pickup was oriented correctly in the new tank. If you have a gas can you could run a line from the pump to the gas can to see if it will start (this is unfortunately the only way I can move my car as I temporarily have no trunk floor or tank). About 15 years ago my oem fuel pickup screen disintegrated and caused both starvation and flooding. Also, I would recommend not using the glass style filter.

Good luck and be safe.
I'd replace the lines.

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your not getting fuel in the carb
Isn't there a screen at the fuel line connection to the carb ?

BTW: nozzle.
40 miles in 7 years means it sits for long periods of time. If gas is reaching the float bowl (check through bowl sight plug) the fix may be easy. There is a small "needle" rod under the accelerator discharge nozzle that may be stuck preventing the fuel from reaching the nozzle. Stuff the bores of the carb with paper towels. Remove the retaining screw and the nozzle. Run a small wire through the two nozzle holes to make sure they are not obstructed. Insert a small screw driver, with a magnet attached to the shaft, to see if the rod can be removed. If not, spray carb cleaner (protect your eyes) in the hole with the rod in it and let it set a minute and try again. If you get the rod out clean it and shoot some carb cleaner down the hole. If you still have no discharge from the nozzle the obstruction is internal and the carb will need to be removed and disassembled and cleaned. Chuck

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c9zx, Thanks that was it.....appreciate it.

B.T.W...................is this a car site or classroom......

K. M. A...
I'm glad you got it fixed. Chuck
hetrickw;101577 Wrote:c9zx, Thanks that was it.....appreciate it.

B.T.W...................is this a car site or classroom......

K. M. A...

hetrickw - I didn't get the feeling that Bill was being disrespectful to you, so why the need for your disrespectful response?

Glad you got your problem figured out.


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