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NMRA/NMCA at Fontana
Just finished competing in True Street over the weekend at Auto Club Dragway(AKA Fontana yes it is still openExclamation) That was a great time.
Went there with my 71 Grandé and my son borrowed an 07 Mustang to run the class. For those who may not Know: True is a class for cars that are street legal with street equipment, licensed insurance etc. and able to make a 30 mile cruise,make three back to back passes. The closest 3- pass averages to 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 seconds wins that catagory 100 dollars and a bonus prize. They actucal checked to see if my horn and turn signals worked.
The cruise portion for this event turned out to be on the Auto Club speedway grounds. We spent about 20 minutes making laps on the two mile Nascar track itself. We had a "pace car" which we could not pass but on the back straight and turns 3/4 my son and I were went as fast as 90MPH. The banking is much higher than it looks and the front straight is aslo banked. That was a great time.Big Grin
We then lined up for the drag portion. You are not allowed to touch the car after the cruise. We had about a 15 minute cooldown and made our passes but we did not get time slips after each run. I made two good passes but started leaking oil and could not make the third pass. My son completed all his passes and was the 15 second winner (I would have been the 14 second winner if I had finished). We went to awards and turns out that in additon to winners getting bonous prize there were other prizes "raffled off". I ended up with a certificate for a new Quick Fuel carb of my choice. My son recieved a complete MangaFlow exhaust. So even though I have an oil leak to fix(pan gasket) I still came out ahead and had a fantastic time.
Nmra says they will back next year ... that race will be on my calander!

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That sound like it was a blast and congrats to your son.
Sounds cool and have not got to use this one lately

Sounds like a lot of fun. Thats cool you both won prizes, a carb and Magnaflows are not cheap!

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upload a photo on internet

That is great! Souns like you guys had a great time time!

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
Pictures from the oval and the True street line up
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