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Nice, but too expensive
Link's gone. Maybe the owner noticed the extra zero and re-listed it or something. Wink


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
The ad opened for me. For a very well optioned car that is dry, the ask isn't that out of line in my opinion. Chuck
It just opened for me now, too. Like I say, I wonder if they pulled the ad for a bit, then put it back up or something. shrug

It does look nice, pretty solid and unmolested. I think considering the paint, chrome surface rust, and lack of interior pictures issues, I'd be more comfortable offering around $10K or less, and go from there - price goes down [for me] if the interior and trunk aren't in really good shape.

The pics weren't all taken at the same time, as well - notice some had 'white letters out' on the tires, and others were straight black walls. Also, considering that San Jose is literally right next to San Francisco Bay, I'm not so sure I'd trust the "California Car - No Rust" claims without a close inspection.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
c9zx;285044 Wrote:The ad opened for me. For a very well optioned car that is dry, the ask isn't that out of line in my opinion. Chuck

I agree, based on the description, this is a good price for what is being offered...
They took it down and changed the header from $16,000 to $16 and then added $16,500 to the end of the description list.

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Aha! I knew it. whistling


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Need better pics. Could be a real nice find.

- Mike
Ram Air Cleaner looks odd. Wonder if its a 429 cleaner assy?
I do not think a 429 ram air cleaner will even fit a Cleveland.
I agree too expensive. You can see not original paint, clear coat peeling on the left side of the hood and the primer or filler showing through the hood and trunk not factory color. The Mach 1 honey comb rear panel is also odd.
He did not post trunk and interior pics for a reason. Should have rocker moldings also I think. The car is probably worth about $4,000 - 5,000 in the condition it is in. Less if trunk is gone and rear floors.
I have a California vert and yes they do rust. More rust around the rain gutter for the top than the two Michigan verts I have. Also around tail lights. that is from washing the car and feeding the rust not from rain or salt.
Remember pictures always make a car look better than in person. I think it would be a disappointing car in person. Yes lots of great options but do they work he shows nothing. Top is also shot. They made 414 with that engine transmission configuration so not as rare as the 72 version.

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