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Newb here
Just recently joined VMF and saw this site's arrival so thought I'd come along. I have a 73 Green Gold Coupe that I'm getting ready to start working on. Mom bought it new in '73 in North Platte, NE and it has lived his entire life there. When I was 16 I bought him and drove it through HS and the first couple of years of college. Didn't like putting all the miles on it in college so once it hit 100,000 I took it home and my grandparents drove it around town for a few years. Then in 1995 or so it was parked in the driveway and has sadly sat there since. I have not had the money or space to take care of him like he deserves. I now have a house with a 2 car garage and want to get him running and to Lincoln so I can start getting him into shape. I'm horrified at what I'm going to find when I start looking for rust etc. Don't know if my heart will be able to handle it if it's really bad LOL.

So sometime before the snow flies, I'm going home to get him running and then decide how to get him to Lincoln...probably have to trailer him here. I do know there are some area of body rust lower rear front fenders, that I remember from the last look around a year or so ago. Have not had the hood up since '97. Have bought new radiator hoses, plug wires, plugs, thermostat, Pertronix II, Pertronix Coil, air and oil filters, belts, battery and new tires. Need to get the old gas and oil out and fingers crossed get him up and going.
It's great that the car has been in your family since it has been new! Mine is the same way! My grandparents bought it new in 72!

Welcome to the forums!

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Hi and Welcome to the Mach 1 club What a Great life and history the Mustang has had all in the one family from new Enjoy.
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