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new to the forum, but not mustangs!
Hey all, i am in the undercarriage phase of the resto on my 71 fastback. I am in the process of stripping the factory undercoating to recoat and paint. I am thinking of adding some top mount traction bars. I have the 9" out and framerails down to bare metal. Anyone have an option on these versus the old ladderbars? I've seen the lower spring mount bars, but they seem to hang very low. I would appreciate any opinions out there, also who makes the better setup. thanks for any insight, and i look forward to being on here alottt...!
Welcome from North OC.

How long have you had your Mustang? What body style is it?

Do you want some help painting it?

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welcome From San Diego.
If Wolverine is helping you paint, I will volunteer to glue down carpets and install strut tower braces. Welcome to the site

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Wolverine;80927 Wrote:Welcome from North OC.

How long have you had your Mustang? What body style is it?

Do you want some help painting it?

My dad bought it in '72 and drove it till the late eighties, then it sat till i got my license in '96. He gave the car to me as a graduation present in '97. I swapped the old 302/C4 for a 351C/C6 and drove the tires off it till 2000 when i had my drivers license suspended for too many speeding tickets. My car has been parked now for 12 years, but i am well on my way to getting her back together. Shes just a fastback, but its an A/C car, power discs and best of all, fold down rear seat! I'm not quite ready for paint but i hope to be this winter....
Post some pics we need pics.Big Grin
Sorry don't have pics of all the work done to it in the last year but I will post them after undercoating

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Welcome from Australia.

Can see a partial stripe behind the door jamb, did you car have a c-stripe?

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Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard!


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welcome from East Tn and if Wolerine is helping you paint you can Cancell having it done by the winter/fall. The paint will not be dry by then,
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