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New member in NC
[Edit: Please scroll down for pics and sorry about the Russian novel for a post; didn't seem that long when I was writing it, I swear!]

Hey y'all,

My name is Mike and I live in North Carolina.  I have been lurking for quite a while and figured it was time to join.  I can't tell you how much I owe this forum and its members for about 2 years of answers and advice to a stranger who didn't know 71-73s very well.

I was a first gen Camaro guy, having a 1967 coupe that I loved dearly.  Always liked 71-73 Mustang Fastbacks, but it wasn't until I was in Asheville, NC and happened along a 71 or 72 Mustang convertible that I really fell in love.  Over the years I kept an eye out for one, but could never find the right car.  A few years ago I was selling a 1972 Blazer (350/4-speed/4X4) and happened upon a 73 that had the same paint scheme as the one I had seen in Asheville so I traded for it.  It is a surprisingly solid car that as far as I can tell is all original except for a pretty old paint job where they added 71/72 Mach 1 stripes, and unfortunately (to my tastes) "Mach 1" decals.  I modified an old 71 Mach 1 grille I found in a field and replaced my cracked 73 grille to complete the look.  I have really enjoyed the car and am surprised how many comments I get in it everywhere I drive.

As I started to figure out the car a little, I decided I would slightly prefer a 71/72 front end and a 351; I also liked the ginger interior in my 73 but thought it might clash with the paint combo I wanted.  The 73 was too original to change so drastically.  I set out looking for a complete basket case so I could make a totally new car that I knew was exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to know, driving down the road, that it was totally rust-free and exactly as I liked.  I found a ROUGH 72 a year and a half ago and towed it away in pieces.

I am pretty mechanical and can do basic bodywork, but I know a master welder in SC that can really raise cars from the dead (hence the name of the car: Lazarus).  New one-piece floor, new trunk, new inner and outer wheel wells, new inner rockers, new quarters.  New NACA hood.  Shock tower repair, complete engine bay restoration.  Totally new suspension from Mustangs Plus, late 90s Bullitt wheels, an Explorer rear disk conversion, new posi and 3:70 gears in the 9", and a conversion to manual (was FMX) with a TKO600 from MDL.  The 351 2V actually started up and runs shockingly well so I haven't rebuilt that yet.  There is almost no filler on the car, other than smoothing some holes where deleted trim, emblems, or the antenna were expertly welded in.  It currently is in black epoxy all over.  It looks so good in flat black I am tempted to paint it my preferred color then have it wrapped in flat black until the novelty wears off.

Lots still to do as I now embark on the interior, search for a good painter (leaning towards the modern Ford color "Magnetic Gray Metallic"), and I guess I need to replace the top.  I fully realize this car is an awful investment... but I just really like it and, as I had hoped, am confident that everything is done well.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.  Thanks again for all the help so far.


[Image: IMG-2024.jpg]

[Image: IMG-1974.jpg]
i like the black on black very different look
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Welcome from Oregon

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
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Welcome! You have two very nice cars. I really like the matt or flat black look on the 72.

1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
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Welcome from San Diego. Nice rides.

- Mike
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Welcome from northern California.


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Welcome from Omaha!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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Welcome from Illinois - always nice to have a few more verts here!
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Welcome from the UK

1971 Grandé
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Hello from Mississippi.  We like "Lurkers" as it gives them a chance to see what a great group of people we have here. Sharp looking cars in your fleet and is also great to add two more Drop Tops to our ranks.
With your experience I look forward to your input so you can help us reel in some more Lurkers/Members.    
Welcome to your new Mustang home.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
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