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New Member - Hello all
Hello all,

Background on 72Machi.. In 1978 I puchased my 1st car, a 1966 Mustang fastback 2+2 289 4 speed, $450! My dream car for 2 years until I saw a 72 metalic blue Mach1 351C 2bbl, love at 1st sight! Out with the 66 in with the 72... Fastforward; 72 Mach goes to college, odo hits 242,000 in 1990,then goes to the garage for a few sputting attempts at bringing her back to her glory days. Present time... Machi has 85% of the paint stipped off, the old T/A's 50 and 60 series on a set of Cragars s/s sometimes hold air. My car has manual drums (yuk) and dealer add on a/c, and standard dark blue interior. I have always yearned for power disc brakes, so I recently bought a very nice (no rust)72 Grandé, with minor collision damage to the left front, it has POWER DISC BRAKES (yeh), Factory a/c, cruise control and deluxe interior, 351C w/4bbl (but is a H code?) most likely just a 4bbl intake on the original 2bbl head, FMX trans.. All I need now is an unlimited amount of time and funds to swap the parts and send her to the paint shop.... will put pics on if anyone wants to see paintless time machine... stay tuned
Welcome! Glad you found us! Keep us posted on your project and be sure to post some photos!


[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
welcome We have a garage here for projects just like yours...............and mine.................and several others on here, so dont feel like you are the only one in that boat.
WELCOME aboard, Machi!!

I must warn you about that Grandé "parts car" as I did essentially the same thing with a 1973 302 three-speed Grandé. I saw it as a "parts car" for my '73 Mach I.

After a couple of months, the Grandé "changed the dynamics" as it now has a 472 (460-based {.060 overbore}), C6, 3:50 traction loc rear and has "beat" the Mach I to the painter.

So, be careful as these '73s are addictive and can change your "intents" once they "wiggle" into your garage, driveway or homeSmile!

Again, Welcome and I look forward to interacting with you on the forums.


Do the RIGHT thing.
Welcome to the forum............

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
Welcome to the club. Sounds like a great project! Smile



[Image: 6y14ea.jpg]

Project started 8-7-10
Completed: All new suspension, rebuilt 351C H Code bored .030 over with mild cam and intake, new 3.50 TracLok, custom exhaust system
Current "mini-project": interior upgrade Undecided
Welcome to the spot. I agree there have been times when I had the money but no time and now I have the time but no money. One of these days, I'm going to have both...

1973 Mach 1 - Medium Bright Yellow - (in restoration mode)
Welcome aboard.

Going to be a long ride.Cool
Welcomewelcome...Same story as mine. H code but has 4V heads and intake. Not much else matched the door plate either. so we learn as we go but with lots of others to help.. Again welcome. Yeh pic's are always GOOD

[Image: 1_30_09_13_10_12_32.png]
Alan L
Welcome to the site.

Jeff T.

Low buck, touring style, '73 Convertible "rolling restoration", 351c, 2v heads with a shave and a haircut, Performer intake, Holley 650(ish), roller rockers, screw in studs, guideplates, stainless valves, Duraspark / Motorsports MSD, T-5 conversion. 1-1/8" front, 3/4" rear swaybars KYB shocks and some home brewed subframe connectors. Future plans; JGC steering box, Cobra brakes and... paint, interior, etc.

When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

[Image: 1_12_09_14_10_15_11.png]
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