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New head lights for my 72 Grandé
Hey guys, I need to replace the head lights of my 72 Grandé. The actual ones are the stock ones, I need something brighter which allows easy replacing of the bulb. I don't want xenon though, just something brighter.

Which model should I buy ?
Thanks !!
I put halogen headlights in mine and replaced the headlight switch for the higher wattage. The headlights were just a pop-in replacement, and the switch was a pretty easy swap, too.
I've been using the halogen sealed beams since the 70's. They are brighter than stock.
I put the Hella replacement lenses on mine and not only are they "hella" bright, but the look cool too. They have the flat face, so you can tell that they are not the cheap throw aways. Summit sells them for $40each. Here's the link--http://www.summitracing.com/parts/HLA-002395301/
They also offer the offroad lights if you want to really light it up. Those are not DOT approved though, too bright.

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Hella cool

I got a relay harness from LMC and use halagons

[Image: 2w6ugt2.png]
Brad Smith
Thanks guys ! I chose the Hella Smile
Have you bought them yet?
As you are in Europe you may wanna try VW Golf 1 headlights ( that´s VW "Rabbit" in the US).

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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