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New Global West Suspension Del-a-Lum 106SH bushing and shackle kit 1967-73 Mustangs
New Global West Suspension Del-a-Lum 106SH bushing and shackle kit for 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973 Mustangs.

bought this kit from Global West for my restoration project. Unfortunately I can no longer use them and its been four months since they were purchased and they will not let me return them. They will fit Global West leaf springs and other brands. They did not fit my new Eaton stock springs. Like to get $170 plus shipping, but make me an offer.

Global West Suspension Advantage-Del-A-Lum Shackle Kits:
Del-A-Lum bushings are perfect for street, drag and autocross applications. Installation requires the bushing housings to be pressed into the frame and the leaf spring eyelets.
Inserts and thrust washers separate the housings and springs from metal to metal contact, which provide total isolation. The inserts and thrust washers also provide a bearing surface for the bushing.
This design makes the bushings operate similar to a bearing. Grease fittings are installed and the housing is grooved internally for grease penetration. Del-A-Lum bushings also provide lateral control of the leaf springs.

Global West Suspension: Tech Tips
  • When a vehicle leaves the line hard in a drag race application, the forward portion of the leaf will try to deflect inboard. This action will make the car walk sidewalks. Del-A-Lum bushings will stop the leaf from walking inboard.

  • For drag racing applications, a lot of people place a solid type bushing in the front eyelet and leave the rear bushings in rubber or poly. Do not do this!!! Rubber and polyurethane will allow the rear portion of the leaf to walk laterally. If the front bushing is solid mounted, the length of the leaf becomes a long torque arm reacting on the forward mounting point. It is trying to rip the mount out of the car. The solution is to use a Del-A-Lum shackle kit and remove the problem.

  • Autocross applications: Leaf spring bushings during hard cornering allow the rear end to move laterally. This creates a rear end tracking problem that is evident with tire rubbing and sluggish suspension response. This can also promote oversteer.
[Image: 1967-1973-mustang-del-a-lum-bushings-and...6sh-27.jpg]
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