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New Gauges
For those who might not have seen these yet.


Those look interesting but if you buy them looks like you would have useless holes in the dash for the directional signals and also have non op factory gagues staring at you above the radio and if you put a clock in the gas gague place than the one in the center console will be a duplicate.
Tnfastbk put these in his 71 and man are they sharp!


[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
VintageUpgrades;100101 Wrote:For those who might not have seen these yet.


Very nice. How much?

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Those would be great for the non gauge cars...I like them
i have a kit off of ebay that you could install any gauge you want into the bezel. all it is is metal brackets that is polished. i've had them for almost a year now, but i just never used them yet.

others have said they rolled up the printed circuit for the turn signals but i have no idea how to possibly do that. i want to be able to tell if i'm still signaling in one direction or another.
I think those look very well done.

Maybe a little busy. Our dials are not very large if you consider many autos of the day had a gauge area the entire width of the drivers seat.

But I never liked having the gauges in the center console. Thought they should be with the speedo and rpm gauge.

What ignitions does the tach work with? HEI, STOCK. That always seems to be an issue.

If you do this gauge setup, you can really modernize your ride and get a double deck stereo and navigation...if you don't mind taking orders from ANOTHER woman.

I think the speedometerman takes a standard idiot light panel and remakes it into an RPM gauge leaving the lights in tact. Than you can have gauges and lights.

The 21st century is amazing.

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It would be great if I could just buy an empty cluster so I can put my AutoMeter gauges in it.
Wow looking at the first link I was in love with them but when I found out they were $768 I think I'll just clean up the old guages.

[Image: 6s3las.jpg]
Considering a JME kit for a '68 mustang costs almost $1300, it's not that bad. Though, it is a lot of money. On this forum, I've seen a modified cluster setup with AutoMeter gauges. It didn't look difficult but maybe a little time consuming. But I came out really nice. I believe it was done by stevemach1ford
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