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New gas tank and sending unit frustrations
Hi all! I'm to the point where I'm ready to install my replacement gas tank and fuel sending unit. When installing the sending unit, I noticed that the outlet was pointed the wrong direction. It was pointed toward the back of the car, not the front like the original one was. sigh.... then I went to install the vent cap and found the tank had only two of the three tabs cut out so the vent cap doesn't fit. Has anybody had this same problem? Should I grind one of the tabs off of the vent cap so it will fit??? Should I cut a new tab in the tank (not wanting to get any debris in it)??? I have to drive down to Ventura, CA tomorrow, so I'm taking these parts back to National Parts Depot where I bought them (two years ago) and hope they have the correct parts and hope even more that they will exchange them. After they look at my account and the long list of parts I've bought from them, they should! LOL! Thanks for letting me vent! (pun intended!)

- Travis

I'm an analog man in a digital world.
Good luck I got mine from Don @ Ohio Mustang and everything was correct and install was simple
I replaced my tank and sending unit back in 2005 from CJ Pony. The sending unit tube was pointed the wrong direction like yours, but I used a longer fuel line to make it work. After about 5 years sending unit started leaking gas around the electrical connection, I bought a replacement sending unit from Don at Ohio Mustang and the design was correct. I did not have any problems with the vent tabs. Good luck.

Here is the link about the problem.


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I replaced mine through Mustang Depot and had the same problem. Whoever is making these things think we have the same tank as the 1970 mustang. I put braided fuel line on it so it won't pinch.
I sense a trend here.
I appears the solution to our Mustang parts
problems is to call Don first.
Bought a D0 stock Cleveland from him.
Where are you going to find one of those?


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I went to National Parts Depot yesterday while I was in California and they gladly exchanged it for the correct stainless steel sending unit made by Scott Drake. (Funny thing about that, Scott Drake manufacturing is less only a mile from my house, but I had to drive 320 miles to get it). The tank, however is another story. All of thier tanks had only 2 notches punched out for the vapor return valve, so I'll have to modify my tank. No big deal. While I was there, I also bought the rest of the parts I needed to finish up the rear suspension, brakes and gas lines. I should be done with the back end of the car by January 1st, then on to the front suspension and brakes!

- Travis

I'm an analog man in a digital world.
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