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new edelbrock problems
ok guys/gals another problem with the stang. i just put on a new 2750 edelbrock intake and edel 600. first shot i had a major vacuum leak in the back. it wasnt shifting and it would have a very high idle i couldnt get to drop. so i redid the the process and now it shifts but HARD and not all the time. i also lost brake pressure. please help!!! it is an auto btw.
No brake pressure could mean that your booster is shot. Thats also a huge vacuum problem area. I would suspect that. Next, i would check your vacuum module on the trans and the hose. What trans do you have?
Hook a vacuum gauge to it and see what it reads.
where can i find reference numbers so i can gauge what im missing. And its a FMX trans.
71/351c/darkhorse;165980 Wrote:where can i find reference numbers so i can gauge what im missing. And its a FMX trans.

Do you have a mustang book? They're in mine.

When you redid the process, did you reuse the intake gaskets? Typically, they are a one use only due to the port sealing ribs in the gasket. Also, did you have any vacuum leaks before the install?

no i didnt have a vacuum leak before hand and yes i used the same gasket twice. no good? i saw that you can use a small propane can to identify where the leak is. so i might go that route.
Even if you reused the gasket with the old manifold you would have problems. A new manifold and old gaskets pretty much guarantees an intake manifold leak. The gasket was smashed to conform to the old manifold and the position of it, and it cannot conform to the new manifold.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
My mechanic buddy who helped me install my Edelbrock intake manifold did a few things that I never would have known to do or even would have thought to do.

We used a new gasket. I can't remember the name brand, but it was thick. He said the thickness would help low end torque by creating more volume inside the manifold area.

He laid down a huge bead of gasket sealer along the front and rear valleys. He said those are the most common areas for leaks.

He put 4 studs into the engine block where the bolts would hold the intake manifold once installed. This allowed us to lower the intake manifold in its precise location/alignment, so we wouldn't have to shift it around to line up the bolts. He said shifting it around is another common source of leaks. The studs had flat-head screwdriver slots in teh top, which made it simple to remove them once the manifold was in place.

I have learned a lot just watching him.

I would get a new intake gasket set. It ha been recommended not to use the cork end seals, but to use a high temp/quality silicone automotive sealant along the from and rear edges to help prevent oil leaks.

Edelbrock Notes: Installation Notes: Choke block-off plate included with Performer 351-2V #2750. Recommended intake gasket: Fel-Pro #1228 (for #2665) or #1240 (for #2750). Manifold height: A-3.50", B-4.30 see A/B Measurements. Port exit dimensions: #2665 - 1.37" x 2.15"; #2750 - 1.30" x 1.86".

Note: I have used the rubber intake end seals with no issues.


CZ-75 mechanic has the right idea behind the manifold installation-

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