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New Daily Driver... its got a Hemi!!
I think we are finally out of our kids minivan stage. We traded in our town and country for a Dodge Durango R/T. This thing is a beast. Its really not too big but it does have three rows and seats six in comfort. This is the first car that I've owned with paddle shifters. It has an eight speed tranny that is so smooth. Not to mention the 5.7 ltr Hemi. So far my bride and I are loving it. It has all the tech stuff she loves and all the power I need. I'd highly recommend it...


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The neighbor just got one a couple of weeks ago and it sounds really mean, haven't asked them how they like it yet though.


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Nice one

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Very Cool!

BJ Mayberry
St Charles, MO
Very Nice...My brother bought one just like that a few months ago. Blacked out taillights, rims, and all.
May you enjoy it as long as you want! Looks and sounds pretty cool.

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I think we are going to do the same...the Grand Caravan is getting up there in miles and the wife likes the Hemi in my truck...so, I'm really liking the Durango! Might be towards the end of summer though!

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Very nice! Good family set of wheels that's still a blast to drive.

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You will love that motor! Lots of power, and with the computer shutting down some cylinders when it doesn't need them, you end up with decent MPGs.

Oil changes and spark plug changes are a little more expensive than usual, though.

I had a hemi in my last Pickup truck. Lots of power! But it takes either 7 or 8 quarts of oil (can't remember), and 16 spark plugs.
Some of the newer hemi's are now just 8 plugs. 7qts of oil and if you use anything other than 5w20 (synthetic prefered) it will cause issues with the MSD (multiple cylinder displacement) functionality and you'll wind up with a shiny check engine light.

Most of the hemi issues have been resolved from the pre-2006 models. Enjoy the durango just don't curse the guy thats going to tell you the full service oil change will be 60-90 dollars. Wink

edit: forgot to note: some late '13s and 2014 require 0w40 mobile 1 or equivilent.
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