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You can not do any modern touches to the suspension, brakes, exterior with out paying a lot in taxes to get the car legal. That's because when you do all these modifications, you can not keep the original status on the car any more and the car will need to be registrated as a new car, that means that you have to pay insurance and taxes like it was a brand new car. That's crazy!! If you do modifications to the suspension like coilover and 4 link, the car will act like a modern car and will no longer be original. You can not even install disc brakes in rear with out paying a lot in taxes to get the modification legal. When you do these modifications you will need a company to test the car on a track to see how good these modifications are and to make sure that the body is strong enought for it, you would'nt even ask what the price is for this! Of course is it strong enought, but that is something the Danish goverment does'nt understand! It's crazy that none of these stuff are legal to install, you are only making the car more safe! So I really hate the Danish rules when it comes to old cars!

The reason the car has to be original is that we have this rule, if the car is original we can get it registrated as a classic car on low taxes and insurance (in Denmark we call it "veteran"). Then we can only drive the car in a period of 6 monts. That's good enought with the 6 monts from Marts to October, because before and after it is cold here in Denmark and they put salt on the roads to keep the ice away. When the car is inspected and ready for the street as an original car "veteran", you will only need to get the car inspected for every 8th year. But the car has to be close to the original stance before we can get these "goodies".

That was a little story about the Danish rules. I hope it make sense to you guys, it's a little difficult for me to explain in English Smile

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Welcome TCP! Great to have you as part of our community. Definitly looking into your applications for future products.

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