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Neutral safety switch location
I need to replace my NSS, and I was just wondering where it is on the 71 with a C4.  It looks like it should mount on the side of the transmission, I just havnt got under there and looked yet because all my tools and stuff are in storage while I am moving.  If thats where it is, it should be a simple job.  So, im sure someone can help me out with a bit of information.

Yes. It's on the drivers side.

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ok so I found a thread that confirms its on the side of the transmission.

My next question is, Im having trouble with reverse. I select reverse, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont. I have to work the shifter and it will eventually go into reverse. I also have issues with it starting in park, sometimes I have to start it in neutral. So I assume something is working its way loose.

Do I need to work from the bottom side, or can it be dissected from the top side?
You need to align the NSS/BU switch with your shifter mechanism. The Ford Shop Manual details how to do this, as I'm sure some others will come along and give you more instructions.

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If your shifter is sloppy, put new bushings in first, then do the shower linkage alignment.

You have to do it from underneath the car.

+1 on Midlife's and Hemikiller's recommendation. Address any wear issues, then shift linkage adjustment, then NSS adjustment.

This thread might help you, and it has links to other threads in it

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There are simple instructions near the end of this thread. It is an easy to replace the NSS. I did mine with the front end on ramps.


I also just replaced the shifter bearings, they are like $4 , but a little more work to get to, especiailly if you have a full console. Scroll down this thread for my info.


And here is a nice video that explains how to do it.


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Wow! Thats exactly what I needed! Thanks guys!
That is a great video for sure but I want to make a couple of suggestions. I have found that the Lucas Red N Tacky grease works great in items like the shifter, steering column, window guides and such. It is much better than the old white lithium grease. It has an anti seize compound included in it.
Also while you have the think out go ahead and put a new light bulb in even if it is ok. If the rubber around the shift lever is bad you can get a new repo one or make your own. Also I would put some rope calk around the base of the shifter to the floor pan to seal it up from mainly dust. You can get at local Lowe's or Home Depot in the section they have foam seals and such. It does not harden over time is cheap.
My 73 Vert was switched to a C-4 only complaint is he put high stall converter and shift kit PO installed. It does shift very crisp though.

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good suggestions! Im sure my problem is fixable with either adjusting the linkage, changing out the bushings, and the new NSS. It should be fine after that. Its alot simpler system than I suspected.

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