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Laurel Mountain Mustang is the worst scammers I every got screwed by

Don't get screwed by these guys

They never shipped both upper control arms
Missing the rear sway bar hardware
And a damaged shock

won't return emails
Keep stating that it is shipped

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Wow, sorry to hear that. I have dealt with them a fair amount because they are only about an hour and a half drive from my home. They have saved me a ton of shipping by going there and picking stuff up. I have bought, trunk pan, floor pans, subframe connectors, some front end parts, interior parts for my parents 66. Lots of stuff with out any issues. I have had them send out kits that are not complete before and have had to wait several weeks for the rest of the kit to come back in stock! And I have cancelled orders with them before for the same reason. I would try giving them a call instead of the emails. Good luck!!


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I would call vs sending emails.

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I would write a letter and send it by certified and Regular mail. A phone call is easy to ignore, a letter that has evidence it was delivered is not. CC a copy to your state's attorney general if you want to really get some attention

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I bought a front steering linkage kit that was supposed to include all the parts to replace factory linkages minus the pitman arm. When I got the delivery it was light a few parts. I called them and they just needed a picture of what was included in the shipment and sent me out the remaining parts with no problem or questions asked. So, I would give them a call versus sending emails.

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That is awful. I ordered a few parts from them years ago and had no issues. After joining this forum, I always check with Don @ OMS for parts first. Always a smooth transaction there. As for Laurel Mountain, maybe something has changed there recently as far as ownership. I see a lot of bad press about them on the web for the very thing you describe.

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I ordered a couple of small things from them about year ago and I kid you not it took 90 days to recieve one of the items after I was charged for it. I am guessing they walked it down the mountain to my houseBig Grin

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Well I believe Laurel Mountain Mustang may be out of business!

I try calling all last week and again this week and get keep getting an after hours message, during regular business hours

I also read a resent complaint on line where the customer order a special muffer kit
and never recieved it, he then contacted the manufacture who told him it was ready to ship but Laurel Mountain Mustang need to pay thier account before they would ship it out

Is there any one near by Laurel Mountain Mustang that can confirm that there is a big out of busness sign out front?
M Beauchamp;244402 Wrote:Well I believe Laurel Mountain Mustang may be out of business!

I try calling all last week and again this week and get keep getting an after hours message, during regular business hours

Yep, their website is up and still accepting orders but I called both their contact #'s 724-696-9665 and 1-888-925-7669, on both lines I received a message that I had contacted them outside of their work hours, although I did call during their work hours. Soooo it's apparent they're having some type of problem.


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Well sorry to hear this. These sites like 7173mustangs are so good at helping others not get taken. Glad you got the word out to others. I realize it don't help you but ... I have used a lot of vendors and so far I like Mustangs unlimited the best. Dallas mustang is ok and CJ pony parts are very good. Hope it works out for you. A big help to me years ago was to contact your attorney generals office. They love this kind stuff.

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