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Needing a picture for reference to build part
Hey guys! How are you all...

I was wondering if anyone can help me by posting a picture of the panel that goes from the backseat to the rear windshield... I believe it is some kinda foam that contains the rear speakers or something like that... I would say it is the package tray but for what i´ve seen, in this fastbacks, we called package tray to the metal panel that goes directly from the rear windshield to the horiazontal structural panel that is placed behind the rear seats...

If i just know what to call this panel!!! jejeje... Anyway... i´m building it myself to avoid importing this panel now that i dont have any money Tongue...

If anyone has a picture of the back part of the interior, i would apreciate it a lot!!!

Thanks guys!!!

.jpg   PANEL GOES HERE.jpg (Size: 732.95 KB / Downloads: 65)

Damián Cool

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no its just a piece of Square Particle board painted the interior color.

There is a piece of insulation under it cut to the same dimensions.

you can buy them reproduction or just cut some paper material that is smooth on the face side.

the mustang didn't have rear speakers, AM radio got the center channel speaker in the dash board top. Af/FM/8 track, got the 2 door panel speakers and that was it.

everyone always added rear speakers to our cars but its not like that from the factory.

i'll see if i can find a picture of mine. I bought the reproduction panel and painted it black.

its called a package tray:

Great H! it is what i supposed.. an easy panel to reproduce myself... I´m not adding rear speakers as well so it would be a plain painted in black piece of some waterproof paper that i can buy here...

I already installed the insulation that goes under there so it is just matter of measuring it well and do the paper cutting

if you can find a picture, even better...

Damián Cool

[Image: 120x45bk1ani.gif]
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