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Need Your Help in Hardwiring a Dash Cluster
I have another thread describing my desire to hard-wire the dash cluster and getting rid of the circuit card. I have a couple of questions, though, and I need your help as I do not have a 71/73.

I'd like to know how much space is behind each of the two large pods: is it a couple of inches?

Between the pods, is there a chunk of metal such that I have to place wires down the side of each pod and route the wires flush against the center of the dash cluster? Or can I simply pass wires from large pod to large pod?

To answer these questions, does anyone have a picture of the dash with the cluster removed but everything else pretty much in place?

The 71 dash cluster and circuit card has two contacts that aren't used immediately behind the idiot gauge pod. With the variant of a 71 standard cluster and 3 gauge center console pod, was there a clock in the center of the left pod? Strangely, every 71/73 standard harness has a green/yellow contact in the dash cluster connector that appears to be unused except possibly in the 71 standard/3 gauge pod combination.
The point is Randy, that you SHOULD own a 123 Mustang.Tongue

The other tech boys should have the answers you need, but here is an old popular vid that shows the back of the cluster, and may be of some help to you.




Perfect! That answers all of my questions!
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