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Need to install and adjust windows and convertible top at the same time
I'm installing Windows in my convertible but I also dismantled and assembled the convertible top and have to install it too. I'm not sure how to start. Do I install the windows and adjust the convertible top around them? If anyone has a recipe on how to do this with the least amount of pain please let me know.

- Jim
My guess would be that you install the top first and adjust the Windows to it as the top doesn't really give you that much in terms of adjustment.
But, like I said, it's a guess.
Let's wait for the guys who know what they're talking about. Smile

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Hi Jim,

Mike's on the money!

The logical and correct approach would be to first install your top, and concentrate on getting it setup with the action and being aligned properly. The power action has to be checked so that both pistons are working in correct unison and not forcing the top out of alignment when going up or down. Also check for rubbing of the vinyl on both sides of the top (the C pillar section) where it comes into close contact with the chrome dress mold around the back of the quarter panels area. This can be a bad problem. I had this problem myself on the passenger's side only, and it caused a lot of grief for me and was very hard to try and rectify as well. Also, when the top is closed and latched, look at the two side frame rails that are positioned above the main side window glass. These side rails should be sitting as straight as possible, and not have any dog's leg type bends in them. If they have got bends then the top edge of the main side window door glass will not sit properly up to the rubber.

Once you're satisfied with getting the top all sorted out, you can install and adjust the main side glass and quarter window glass to come up to and mate up properly with the top frame and the A and C pillars. You will have left to right and right to left, up and down, rocking action adjustment, as well as in and out adjustment of all the window glasses.

Hope that helps,


I will install the windows first, and do final adjustments once my top is installed. It should not matter either way, but as others noted, finalizing the top install would be important before bolting down the windows in place based on the top positioning. I anticipate adjustments on both ends when all is said and done. I am not looking forward to that part of the rebuild...
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