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Need rollers to move my heap this weekend
Hi Fellas,

I need to move my 73 coupe from my folk's place to my new place in Sacramento this weekend, and 2 of the tires are flat. Has been sitting for ~13 years, so I'm worried about dry rot and will be towing ~130 miles.

Not finding much on the local craigslist, wondering what cars are good sources for take-offs that will fit. I just need something that will roll at this point.

My car came with 14s and 4 wheel drums, need to know what backspacing will work if I go with some 15s.
Go to pick 'n pull and get a pair from a full size 80s Ford car with 5 lugs. Any 5 lug Ford car will match the bolt pattern, but with newer ones you can run into backspacing issues.

You can rent a car trailer from Uhaul for around $20 for local use.

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I have a tow dolly to use already, but I'll need something to be able to move the car around once I get it home, anyway, so I may as well get a set of 4.

I'm sure I'll find something soon, the main thing I was unsure of was the backspacing. Thanks for the tip!
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Where in N. Calif. are you moving from?
Bru - Moving the car from Morgan Hill (south of San Jose) to Sacramento.

I may just bite the bullet and go there, pull the rims off, take them to a shop and get some used tires for now. Not sure I'll find anything else in time.
I was going to offer my old rollers if you weren't going far. They aren't good enuff for what you need.

I would take you up on that, where are you located? Not sure if the timing will work out but it's worth looking into. I really appreciate your offer.

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I'm actually just hitting the road from Sacramento heading towards Morgan Hill. My goal is to clean up all the rats nest, mold, whatever else that I don't want to take with me and bring it back home on Saturday.

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My car is in a shop on Auburn Blvd. in North Sac near American River Collage.
Avoid the big Lincolns from 1972-79. They run a 5x5" bolt pattern, not the Mustang's 5x4.5".


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