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(05-22-2020, 10:43 AM)timsweet Wrote: Your book is wrong. There was NEVER a 351W offered in the 71-73 mustangs.

No offense intended but where does that information come from?

1.  It's not my book it's produced by  Peter C. Sessler.


Peter is wrong and many other published books are wrong. I'm certain there's also a "500lb weight gain for 71" statement somewhere in that book, which is also wrong.

The 351W was first offered in the Mustang & Cougar starting in 1969 in both 2V and 4V versions. In 1970, it was only offered in the Mustang & Cougar in a 2V version, but only for first part of the production year. All 1970 in the Mustang & Cougar 351-4V engines were Clevelands. I don't know the exact date, but the 2V engine in the Mustang & Cougar was then switched to the 351C when production capacity caught up with demand. 351W were used primarily in the full size lines in the early 70s.

As far as the 71-73 Mustang & Cougars, no 351W was ever used or offered. A simple way to verify that is the 65-72 Ford MPC listing of the water outlet, which we know is very different between a 351W and 351C.

Model column "F" is Mustang.

[Image: modelcolumn.jpg]

You can see that in 1970, the 351W is clearly labelled, highlighted in yellow, as is the 351C, bracketed in red. The 351W and 302 share the same water outlet, the 351C is completely different. For '71-up, only the 302 uses that water outlet. All the 351s - in the Mustang - use the 351C outlet, so they are all 351C engines. 

[Image: wateroutlet.jpg]

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