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Need help with a daily driver build. Thanks.
I'm with Eric,
Good to high quality stock style discs and pads with new calipers will probably surprise you. On the rear there is the Aerostar drum upgrade. This gets you wider drums and shoes in the back. I believe there is a Lincoln drum swap people used to do that had larger diameter drums, but may need redrilling to match the Mustang bolt pattern. Again, good to high quality new drums, shoes, and hardware.

On the Explorer axle, get the late 90's and on disc rear. It may need some work on tube and axleshaft length to get the diff centered under the car. Some say no issues, but....easier to make correct when moving leaf spring perches than after it's in the car. They have 3.55 and 3.73 gears with some form of limited slip/locker rear (diff tag will have the ratio and an L for locker.

The biggest thing you can do is get GOOD tires. None of the improvements will mean anything if the tires are crap.
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(03-13-2019, 12:26 PM)Dope Wrote: Factory disk brakes are K&H correct?

And no I’m not trying to obtain any looks. Just want a safe and reliable DD and if that means it needs to sit a little lower for better handling and braking, I don’t mind cutting springs as long as it’s safe.

Thanks for the replies.
Taking 1/2 coil from the top of the spring for me is more about having the front not sit higher than the rear. Don't cut it with torch, use an air driven cut off wheel. It will increase rate a very small amount. For a street car I prefer stock spring rates and increase roll stiffness with anti-roll bars. A set of wheels with the proper back spacing and good, and wider, tires will improve handling braking. Chuck
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(03-13-2019, 12:36 PM)Dope Wrote:
(03-13-2019, 06:55 AM)Canted 393 Wrote: Here  is a thought go with street or track upper and lower control arms  kit then you still can use any shock and coil spring set up. If you go with stock arms at least get roller spring perches and adjustable strut arms to help prevent binding. http://www.streetortrack.com/Street-or-T...24480.html
Here is a stock kit , on my 70 cougar I just ordered the control arms and semi roller perches.

Thanks for the reply. This is a great kit similar to TCP but this is what I’m trying to avoid. Not being able to go to a parts store or dealership for replacement parts.

These cars are old enough that your napa or ford dealership won't carry suspension parts or if they do there are the cheap junk. Unless your in an accident most aftermarket control arms will live as long as the car, heck my cougar had 1 side that was all original suspension parts.
If you want to improve your handling and still be able to use stock parts, get a new shaft and bushing kit and ball joint for your upper control arm and box it. If your lower control arm ball joint is good, you can box it, or get a new one. RockAuto has an LCA ball joint, but I think it's about as much as a new lower control arm.


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