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Need help with a daily driver build. Thanks.

Looking for advice on suspension and disk brake upgrades for my 71 coupe 302 ac. Again this will be a daily driver so what I want is to be able to go to an auto parts store or dealer and be able to buy oe/oem replacement parts. The parts can be from any car/manufacture and I would prefer it to be bolt on but I don’t mind doing metal work for it initially just as long as the end result is parts from a specific car. This theory goes to both suspension and brakes.

I’ve done some searching and this is what I’ve found. Let me know if you know any other options.

Front brakes.
- K&H front conversion. (This would allow me to use Ford Mustang? off the shelf parts for replacement. Disk, pads, lines, spindles, bearings, etc.)
- mustang Steve

Rear brakes.
- Rear crown Vic with custom washers.
- Full explorer 8.8 with disk brakes (possibly narrowed to center the diff)
- mustang Steve

For suspension, I really wanted to do full TCP front and rear but I know if anything breaks, I would have to source the parts through them and hope that they never stop producing it.

So I’ve decided to build the best suspensions I can with oem parts. If that’s even an option.

Please post any suggestion you have, even if it’s somewhat far fetch. Thanks!!
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