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Need help identifying carb part
I have a 71 302 mach 1.  I was adjusting the idle speed the other evening and I noticed that this part on the carb was disconnected.  My best guess is that maybe it had issues and might have drained the battery and the previous owner disconnected it.  I just dont know what its called and where I can get a new one as this one doesnt seem to work too well.  When I plug it in, the plunger slowly moves forward but never contacts the throttle.

[Image: carb_2.jpg]

upload a photo on internet
jowens1126, Fords official name for that part is "Throttle Emission Control Solenoid". Others have called it a throttle kicker or anti dieseling solenoid.
These started appearing when engines in the new emission control era required a higher idle to run smoothly. But, this increased curb idle combined with hotter combustion chamber temperatures caused dieseling  when the engine was shut off. The purpose of the solenoid was to allow a higher idle while the engine was running, but allow the throttle plates to completely shut when the engine was switched off.
When your ignition is on, the solenoid is then energized and the plunger on the end is what actually holds the throttle back to the set idle speed. The plunger end of the solenoid was threaded and could be adjusted back and forth in the mounting bracket to set the idle. When you shut the engine off, (cuts power to the solenoid), the solenoid retracts and lets the throttle plates shut, cutting air off to the engine. Depending on the carb ID#/Vechicle application Ford had different high/low idle speed settings for the solenoid equipped carburetor's.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
as it most likely stands now the solenoid is adjusted to far back not allowing it to work. but not a biggie for u have an idle adj screw and u can adj it to your likings. it will drain battery if there is an electrical issue and it's on with key off. if elect is ok then that is not why it's draining the battery. bottom line is u can remove it and just adj the idle with the screw.
Thanks for the info. I'll just leave it disconnected then.
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