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Need advice for new laptop... Mine is almost 6 years old
My Lenovo has seen better days... Time to get a new Laptop. Budget is $800 plus tax.

I want PC, no Apple products, please. I'm in Financial Planning & Analysis, so i pretty much live on my work PC using Excel all day.

But it is my home computer I need to replace, so anything non-apple will do. I don't do any gaming, just a lot of web surfing and the occasional late night Excel/ work related stuff.

So I want the best speed for the money. After all, I made the existing laptop last 6 years before I started to get tired of waiting for it.

What say ye 71-73 Mustang loving computer nerds? Big Grin

BTW, this is currently at the top of my list

I bought a couple from this company.
Am happy with the product. You also
want to check Amazon, same products
and sometimes cheaper.



[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
My work laptop is a Dell, and I have had Dell laptops for13 years, and other than an issue with the batteries a few years ago have had no problems with them. If I were to get a home laptop I would probably go with Dell, unless I found a super deal on something else at Amazon. This Dell has a 17-inch screen and 1TB hard drive, for $650, pretty impressive:

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On a different note, I ordered a new desktop.
Mine being ~7 years old running Vista. They
are actually selling versions of Windows 7,
why would that be? Something about a
"reverse downgrade option". My desktop
crashes a lot even with malware and virus
software running plus regular registry and
file cleaning. The laptop running 7-64 Never

Hard to go wrong with a Dell or HP - I think HP has the best deals between the two, though.

I've always heard that Toshiba's are junk - but I don't have any experience with them. Every time I've seen Toshiba Satellites on sale, I keep thinking I should get one.

But then again, I scored a MacBook Pro from a guy who fished it out of a dumpster. I repaired the LCD and hacked the password for him so his daughter could have it (because she just loved Macs... but had a Dell) - and he brought it back to me a few days later asking if I wanted it (she couldn't figure it out). Surfing the 'net, playing movies, checking e-mail, and running the odd Office app (I have Office for Mac) runs like a champ. Nothing like a $2600 MacBook Pro for the $130 cost of repairing the LCD. Big Grin


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Dell or Toshiba is a good way to go. I have worked on them all over the years and can tell you from experience to stay away from E machines, HP's, apples, and mac's. I have 2 toshibas, and 2 dells that just won't quit...and one of those dells is my shop computer that takes a lot of abuse. I rotate them from house, to shop, to my kids. One old toshiba has the letters wore off the keys and still works great.
We'll as a full time professional and student, I bought a MacBook Pro 13" a little over a year and a half ago, it still runs like the day I bought it and am told by many people that it will continue to do so for about the next millennium. That being said, it was a 1200$ laptop. With a budget of $800, I would go for a high Asus. I have had both HP and Sony and they didn't last more than a few years a piece. I built a desktop with and Asus motherboard in it and it ran for about 6 years strong.

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- Nik
I am partial to HP, Dell and Lenovo. My last purchase was the Lenovo Twist which allows you to use it as a Laptop or tablet. It's really a good machine though I am not too partial for Win 8. I use it for browsing the internet or general everyday use. I still prefer desktop machines though. No experience with Mac's.


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Thanks for all the advice, guys!
I been computing for 20 years now...i seen the best be junk and the worst be great..lol...Now days..None of them really make a bad machine..I use to hate HP..Gateway..and use to build my own..but when i finaly had to get a new one...i tried to build a pentium i7 cost was a bit too high..So i decided to build it threw dell for warranty incase something fried....They wanted 2,000 for what i needed and wanted...I built it threw a few other compaines with the same high price tag...I finaly broke down and built it threw HP..They got me everything i needed and more for 950 bucks...It been a champ for over 3 years now playing every game i wished...i have nothing but good to say about HP right now..lol..Bang for the buck..I could not beat them.
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