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Need a Place to Stay -So California
Just thought I would ask of any of you have a good lead or good information on Hotels/VRBO/Etc for a family of 5 in the San Diego to Huntington Beach stretch.  

Would like a kitchenette to save on food cost, and be right on the beach if possible for the kids to have fun.  I am not experienced in traveling to that region, so help appreciated.  I have enough airline passes to get there and back, jsut need a deal on lodging to make it possible.


Coronado is nice - but spensive’

I’ve spent a month or in San Diego over the last 20 years. The San Diego zoo is pretty incredible. The beaches are cold. Like wetsuit cold. Also sometimes in the past the water closer to Mexico was closed from poo. Don’t know if that is still the case, last time I saw no swimming signs was about a decade ago.
Campland on the Bay !!

https://www.google.com/maps/uv?hl=en&pb=...oioIuwEwDw Scroll though photos
Last year we stayed at the Bahia Resort at a decent price for the area. A little old but a great location and a nice pool. Also very close to the beach. They have many different arrangements with kitchen and all.

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i have a thought maybe rent a motorhome and you can camp on the beach and drive it to the zoo ,seaworld,museums what you pay for a hotel is probably comparable to a   motorhome  if you like the beach there's a lot of parks to go to
My wife and I have stayed at Campland on the Bay and Mission Bay RV Park (San Diego) and Hunington by the Sea (Hunington Beach) in our motorhome. Hunington by the Sea was right across the street from the beach and ocean, very nice.

We stayed at the the Bay Club Hotel and Marina ($120± per night) on Shelter Island, nice view from the second floor. On the Bayside you can watch the Navy fighters taking off from Coronado. It was a nice place, decent food, plenty of fast food places not too far away.

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Step 1)
Get a boatload of cash.

Step 2)
Stay here https://hoteldel.com/

Step 3)
Go to the Zoo and ride the aerial tram.

Step 4)
Go home broke.
(04-02-2018, 10:10 AM)Bentworker Wrote: Step 1)
Get a boatload of cash.

Step 2)
Stay here https://hoteldel.com/

Step 3)
Go to the Zoo and ride the aerial tram.

Step 4)
Go home broke.

1) Have a boat and a load of kids so no cash
2) Already scrounged the dumpsters there for food before
3) The zoo is on the list
4) Guaranteed!
Look at what Oceanside has to offer.  Oceanside is north San Diego county just south of Camp Pendleton.  Anything south and north starts to get pricey.

- Mike
Another random thing that has nothing to do with lodging.

Like any city there are a ton of good food options.

However If you like Korean food there are dozens of Korean places in the Clairmont area. Some are pretty incredible and very affordable if your kids will eat it. Personally I love meat and fermented stuff, so Korean food is my go-to if it is available.
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