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Need a new radiator
Guys ,
I realy need a new radiator for my 72 351CJ
I looked at a lot of websites for 351C radiators , i found some but i'm not realy sure about measurements.
It has to be a perfect fit ( upper and lower hose ) , i'm thinking about buying an aluminum one to go with the electric fan that i already have.

any thoughts ?? Confused


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See this thread:

We're talking about the same kind of thing.
I'm not sure what the radiator scene is like outside of California (Or the US for that matter) But you'd be best served if you could find someone to make one for you. The thing you really need to watch out for is the location of the ports for the transmission lines. I had some issues with mine where the top port was about 1" lower than it was supposed to be. Jbojo I think had the same issue with his.

Aluminum is a good choice, just watch your anti-freeze as some aren't made for the aluminum radiators, so it's something to watch. If you're getting a new radiator, get a thicker core one to help improve your cooling. It should still fit in your stock mounts (mine did)

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I bought a new radiator some weeks ago. It is a Spectra Premium CU381. Material is copper net with brass tanks. Quality seems to be okay. Paid $170 plus overseas shipping.

The part dropped right in without modifications.
It has exactly the same dimensions as the part removed from the car with one exception: the old radiator was a 2-row, the new one is a 3-row, hence it has the same cooling capacity as the HD radiators.

The Aluminum Griffin is a nice piece and I think it would cool a small nuclear reactor.

The only modification necessary is to use a different lower radiator hose. I found one that worked and posted the part number sometime back-


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If you go aluminum, make sure you ground it with a wire to the chassis to help prevent dielectric corrosion effects.
I went to a radiator shop last week , they put in a new cooling block with double capacity..
If i have to ship one over to this side of the pond it would cost me a lot of money.


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