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My mach one progress
Okay I will start from the day it was bought and hopefully get to where I am now.

I will ask a few questions to get an idea of how others are doing, and if you see anything I missed please step in.

The first group shows the car with a trailer hitch. The first owner used the car for the last three years he had it to pull his golf cart to the course, which was only a mile or so down the road.

You can also see the vinyl top, other than that it had the normal rust.

The motor was never touched and even had the Okay stamp on the valve, which I thought was cool. It also still had and still most are still there, the factory stickers
I knew the rust needed to go, so I started on the rear fenders, and before Q stops me in my tracks I did not use bondo. I prefer evercoat liteweight, makes sanding much eaiser. The first thing to go was the mud flaps and hitch, then the top

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Well I soon noticed that I needed to get that old paint off so I could get down the the brass tax.

I also knew that motor needed to be born again. My father is awesome with motors, but he is still old school, he said it isnt broken leave it alone. Well since the car stayed at his house, I waited till he went to the shop and I ripped that motor and tranny out. Slapped it on a trailer and got it to the sand blaster.

The problem is that when I got it back I found that the guy who did it hit the trunk with his forklift and dented it. WTF, oh well nothing I could have done about it. Trust me I showed back up there and it was not pretty. I also noticed the spot on the floor board that I just got done replacing.

Now that I got that car back it was time to air it out, and get that motor ready.........

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It's looking good.

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
Alot of work! And great photo's...You decide what color you are going with on her?
Yeah right now I am still thinking factory with the spoiler and hood flat. I'll get more photos on here tonight

Nice job.Thanks for posting some pics.
Well guys I know I said something on the other post but I got a lot more parts in today and hopefully with the heater core bax back in and with some final help with what hoses go where ( heater core post) Ill be ready to fire it up in a couple days. Ill get more photos on here tonight and I am ready for what anyone throws at me. Ideas, recomendations, or even helpful tips, Like Q dide, with the rust bullet, even though I already did the por 15. I think por 15 is okay and I did follow the instructions to the T, but Ill be quite upset if this does not stop the rust that was present and or keep new rust from coming. I guess only time will show.

Alright so I got it back noticed where the guy hit my trunk, but knew it was time to find the rest of the rust, and boddy errors and get them fixed. Also I needed to get this engine running.

I punched the motor and put a mild cam,lol...

pistons and spiced up the heads.

Also got into that fmx and played around alittle, nothing much
I cannot get pics to upload

Okay I got the window weatherstripping in there today and put the rear quarter windows back and let me tell you what, it sucked. I took my time no rush but it consumed the whole day. I got the driver side window in and snug, only to find out the outside felt was not on there, what a jack. Anyways I am going to upload some pics of the motor

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