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My first car show
I'm entering my 71 in my first car show this Saturday. It is a small local show here in town. Any pointers about what to take? I'm thinking some lawn chairs, a cooler with some drinks and some basic cleaning supplies for wiping off any dust that accumulates during the short drive over. Hopefully this will be the first of many as going to shows was one of the main motivations when I decided to buy her.

[Image: 2014-07-20111056.jpg]
Yup those items and a camera have fun
I always took a couple of rags, polishing cloths, some bug and tar remover, come wax/cleaner and window cleaner. Throw it all in a bucket and carry along. The bucket can be handy to get some water for cleaning if needed. It can also double as a ice container. Oh yeah take a couple of palstic bags - you can line the bucket for ice if new then use it for trash later.

Have fun and protect your car from the leaners and scatchers!


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Find shade or take it with you. Heat is not your friend at a car show. Chuck
(08-12-2014, 12:05 PM)c9zx Wrote: Find shade or take it with you. Heat is not your friend at a car show. Chuck

The bucket's a great idea, but for all of the cleaning supplies (and other things that you need in the trunk), I picked up a couple of the black Mustang Logo Tote Bags. That way, the only things anybody will see in the trunk is cool Mustang accessories (and will be less likely to bug you for some tire foam, as well).

I also have a couple of props with my Jeep. The fenders open up, so I have the special props to make sure nothing gets slammed & bent from the wind or other people, as well as I have some old Taz floor mats - which my wife had me take along a big stuffed Taz for the back seat (the kids always point it out).

So, let's review:
  • chairs
  • shade
  • small cooler with some cold drinks/snacks
  • camera
  • light detailing supplies
  • trash bag or two
  • pen or Sharpie (for filling out car information sheet)
  • personalized props (if you like)

Hope that helps!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Absolutely gorgeous vert. I've been to a few local shows and a fire extinguisher was also on the what to bring list. If you think there may be a few other 71-73 owners, let them know about this forum!! Good luck... I see a trophy in your future.

[Image: 1_24_09_13_4_29_06.png]
You have a beautiful Mustang Sir! Display her with pride! The silver and black combo is a knockout look.

Very good tips from the boys above too.


Don't forget your 7173mustang.com challenge coin
Great looking car. I am with Chuck find shade or take it with you

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