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my end caps and hood scoops. Opinions please.
Hey guys I thought I'd get your opinions on my end caps and hood scoops.
When my dad got the car in 95 the end caps were already chromed and he liked it. When he got the new hood he went ahead with chroming the scoops which I think look fine. To me the rear just looks way to busy with them along with the 73 bumper.
What do you guys think, would you keep them chrome?

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If you ask for my opinion... Those end caps are definitely not my cup of tea. The scoops are ok but the end caps... Meh.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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End caps are a no for me but the scoops look ok
luxstang;121969 Wrote:If you ask for my opinion... Those end caps are definitely not my cup of tea. The scoops are ok but the end caps... Meh.

Yes. I agree with Luxstang.
I prefer a clean look. The end caps no and the hood scoops - well I could live with them if I had to.


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the hood scoops look good the rear end caps i would do away with the chrome.
Chrome rear end caps say "Donk Mustang," while using the chrome surround in front with the urethane bumper always looks mismatched.

The NASA scoop inserts look pretty good though - in fact, very good. Definitely better than leaving them out-of-the-box black, which I've seen far too much of.


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I agree with the others. Not a fan of the chrome end caps, the chrome hood scoops are ok.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Yep the hood scoops look good, a really nice touch, the rear looks a little ho,hum out of place, the extensions would be better painted White, in my humble opinion..

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I'm with the other guy's ....the end caps...NO! the Hood scoops...not bad.

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I think the front would look better with a chrome front bumper. The chrome trim looks odd with the urethane bumper, IMO.

Also, I think the chrome rear end caps look odd, as there isn't anything that connects the two. I'd just save them and replace them with painted.

Sometimes it's a case of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

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