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My car was featured in a movie

.jpg   IMG_20140614_181617.jpg (Size: 81.81 KB / Downloads: 253) Found out at a local carshow today my car was in the 2010 made & released in 2014 movie "Knights of Badassdom" before I got it. I did some research & sure enough there is my car in a really terrible movie with a short clip of an angry actor walking by and hitting it in the first 10 mins of the movie. I still can't believe it, but it's definitely it.

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That's awesome, Ron! Now you have a celebrity in the family!!!

- Travis

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Very cool Ron... congrats. Will you have any royalty money rolling in??

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congrats on owning a "star car" . Odd that the p.o didn't mention that little tidbit to you.

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Believe me I was just as confused when I heard & saw this. But I'm definitely gonna brag even if the movie sucks atleast my car scene is in the first 10 minutes .

It might be lonely at the Top...But it's a Bitch at the Bottom
If my car was driven by the President I would brag about it

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Time to add that film to the IMCDB and claim it as your own.

FYI, they may have had a great cult comedy if they'd lay off the gore and film more of the cars. A '70s F-series and customized Dodge Ram Van made it to the film, apparently. They needed a car chase or two. Or three.


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That is too cool Ron
That is very cool Ron!! you going to bring her down to cool desert nights this year? I would brag it up too if i was you...I would print pics from the movie, put in frames for display at car shows..and details about what movie and part the car stars in "even if it is short part " not everyones car gets to be from a movie Wink
We were really hoping to make it down to Cool Desert Nights this year, but unfortunately are hot water heater decided to spring a leak, so now I will be spending the weekend replacing the tank and 200+ sq feet of flooring that got destroyed. Lucky me!Confused
I have watched the movie twice now, 1st time not really paying attention to the storyline but looking for another shot of my car & it's really not the worst movie I have seen but definitely not something I would be talking about if my car wasn't in it

It might be lonely at the Top...But it's a Bitch at the Bottom
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