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My Bad Day Part 2
Some of you may remember "My Bad Day" back in December when my wife was in an accident...


Well, this again involves the wife, but no injuries thankfully!

The "New Toy in the Stable" is toast - literally...


Pics from 7/16 - My birthday - one heck of a candle for my cake!

Cause was some sort of electrical fault under the dash. It lost power while she was driving, then died completely when she pulled off the road. It started smoking from under the dash and out the console, followed by flames and what you see in the pics.

It's a bummer, I really liked this car and it was so nice to drive, especially in the winter we just had. Going with the wife to look at Subarus, still not decided on a Forester or an Outback....

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I am so very happy to hear that your First Lady was OK as it looks like it was a MAJOR blaze.

I would say that your "birthday present" was not the loss of the vehicle but the fact that no one was apparently injured.

Hang in there, Buddy!


Do the RIGHT thing.
WOW when it rains it pours. Wishing you and yours some good luck and very glad she is OK.
Man, I'm glad no one was hurt! I've seen a few cars burn...the do go up fast!

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Glad everyone is OK!
Wow....at least your wife is ok....the car can be replaced.

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Glad to hear your wife is OK. I don't know much about Subaru's, but my aunt and uncle love their Outback!

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

Wow, glad she's okay! That's scary.


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Glad to hear that your family is okay.

Evidently, electrical was not Audi's forte for that year.
Wow, I hate to hear that. Glad the wife is ok!!

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