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My bad day...
Today was supposed to be a nice day, the wife was taking our 16 month old daughter to see the grandparents, so I could do some maintenance stuff on the cars and work around the house.

Fifteen minutes after I sent them off, I get a call from her, they were in an accident....

The story goes that an older woman was "unfamiliar with the area" and drove her Prius through the stop signs at the end of the highway off ramp at about 50mph. She was trying to get back onto the highway on ramp directly across the street. Well, she never made it because my wife and child were in the way.......


Hyundai Accent- totalled

Wife - compound fracture of the right tibia, fractured ankle bone and ligament damage to the same side knee. Also having pain in her right hip, doc thinks it's just inflammation from her smashing her knee into the dash. She had surgery today to put a pin in her leg and reset the bone and will be in the hospital for 2~3 days. She'll spend Christmas at home if I have to kidnap her in the middle of the night...

Child - A-ok, okie dokie. She was checked out by two docs at the hospital and she only has a small abrasion on her collarbone from the strap on the child seat. It's a good thing she was fine otherwise I'd be probably writing this from my jail cell. She's with the grandparents for a couple days.

I have to contact the state troop tomorrow to get a copy of the accident report. If I find they didn't charge that dim bulb with reckless driving I'm going to have a chat with the highest ranking cop in the place I can get my hands on.

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No way sorry to hear a bought your wife. Thank god your daughter is ok and both are a live. Good luck Connecticut troopers can be jerks. I lived by troop A in Southbury.
Sorry to hear this, but I am glad everyone is better than worse! Years ago, I was hit by an 83 year old lady that should never have been driving so I know how you feel!

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Thank God your wife and daughter will be OK and with you for Christmas.
Glad everyone is ok. Our Prayers are with your family.

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WOW,Sorry to hear about this. Prayers are with your family (all of you guys). I hope your wife gets some relief from her pain. Things like this put how precious life is and back in prospective. Take care and if I can do anything let me know.

Glad they are both ok and I hope your wife's surgery goes well. Have a good Christmas with them.
man that sucks but luckily they are fine.Hope your wife gets better soon.


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Man, Dennis, I am sorry to here about that, but glad to hear that everyone is alive after seeing the pic. Thank God for child safety seats, huh? Tell your wife to keep her chin up. You all will be in our thoughts and prayers. Like Roy said, if there's anything we can do to help, just yell.



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Yea sorry to here that, gla every one OK hope your wife gets feeling better soon.

Going to be a long ride.Cool
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