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my 1971 351 Boss restoration
hi folks,

this is going to be a lot of work because i have a restoration thread of my 351B in german so i have to translate evrything in english. i'll be posting A LOT of pictures so i hope you're ok with that.

to my boss. this car was made for export to switzerland in 1970. according to my research around 9 cars were exported to CH but i haven't had the chance to contact kevin marti to be 100% sure. i know for a fact that this is the only one in austria.

-) 3,91:1 rear axle
-) staggered shocks
-) 351 cleveland 4 bolt high output engine 11,7:1 = 330PS
-) 4 gang toaploader
-) fold down group
-) rear defrost
-) center console
-) power steering

[Image: Fkvb9.jpg]

[Image: FkxGi.jpg]

p.s. this is how the car will look like when it's done:
[Image: FkRDr.jpg]

here a picture of my vert:
[Image: Fld4J.jpg]

here are a few impressions of the car when i bought it.

beautiful :-)
[Image: 1kcIH0.jpg]

deluxe interior
[Image: 1kcLb9.jpg]

[Image: 1kcNGi.jpg]

the soda blasted bolt on parts
[Image: 1kcQar.jpg]

a few pictures of the problem areas
[Image: 7a7IA.jpg]

[Image: 7aacJ.jpg]

[Image: 7acHS.jpg]

[Image: 7afc0.jpg]

[Image: 7ahH9.jpg]

[Image: 7akbi.jpg]

the front part is all solid!
[Image: 7apaA.jpg]

here we have a few images when i picked the car up from CH. since it was disassembled i had to stuff a lot of things into my VW bus.
[Image: nXigJ.jpg]

[Image: nXng0.jpg]

[Image: nXpL9.jpg]

[Image: nXuKr.jpg]

[Image: nXxeA.jpg]

[Image: nXMcr.jpg]

[Image: nXOHA.jpg]

[Image: nXRbJ.jpg]

[Image: nXTGS.jpg]

all the bolt on things were soda blasted and to tell you the truth I#ve never seen such perfect doors herein europe!

i started to disassemble the engine and was positvely surprised on which state it was in. the block was bored to 0.030 and everything was basically NEW. so all i had to do is reseal it and paint the engine :-).

[Image: nZlZ9.jpg]

[Image: nZoti.jpg]

[Image: nZqYr.jpg]

[Image: nZtsA.jpg]

[Image: nZAX0.jpg]

[Image: nZIqr.jpg]

[Image: nZKVA.jpg]

[Image: nZPUS.jpg]

[Image: nZSp0.jpg]

that's it for now. more to come.


i check the main bearings on the engine and as you can see everything is perfect. the crankshaft is in spotless condition. i guess i was very lucky.

even the engine mounts are ford NOS.

[Image: 1ieAkS.jpg]

[Image: 1ieCQ0.jpg]

[Image: 1ieHPi.jpg]

[Image: 1ieKjr.jpg]
on we go with the emminger invoice
[Image: 1inJwS.jpg]

[Image: 1inM10.jpg]

[Image: 1inOw9.jpg]

on we go with the restoration. my neighbor eddie is the one helping me with the welding work.

since this boss never had a radio the antenna hole has to go
[Image: 15hShr.jpg]

grinding the welding work down
[Image: 50_mr.jpg]

tinning paste
[Image: 1n0utJ.jpg]

[Image: 511RA.jpg]

heating it up
[Image: 516QS.jpg]

applying the tinn
[Image: 519l0.jpg]

[Image: 51bQ9.jpg]

let it cool off
[Image: 1EAHB9.jpg]

i don't know what this is called in english SORRY.
[Image: 1EAMAr.jpg]

closing a few little holes on the doors
[Image: 51gPr.jpg]

[Image: 15ibeA.jpg]

this is a puller in case you can't access the dent from the other side.
[Image: 1n0VVi.jpg]

you weld a spot onto the dent and then you pull it out.
[Image: 1n0Ypr.jpg]

the rest is done with a hammer and tinn
[Image: 51oiS.jpg]

there were a few dents in the oil pan that had to be removed :-)

[Image: 1MLDS9.jpg]

[Image: dc869.jpg]

[Image: 1vcZ1i.jpg]

[Image: 1MLGmi.jpg]

[Image: 1exKPA.jpg]

[Image: dcd5r.jpg]

[Image: dcfAA.jpg]

[Image: 1MLNQJ.jpg]

on we go with a few more welding pichtures.
[Image: 1ey3MJ.jpg]

[Image: dcTuS.jpg]

[Image: dcQ_J.jpg]

[Image: 1ML_jr.jpg]

[Image: 1ey6gS.jpg]

[Image: 1MM1OA.jpg]

[Image: 1vdBWA.jpg]

[Image: 1ey8M0.jpg]

[Image: 1vdEqJ.jpg]
here are a few pictures before and after.

[Image: 1eydLi.jpg]

[Image: 1vdGVS.jpg]

[Image: 1MMofS.jpg]

[Image: 1eyiKA.jpg]

[Image: dd4YA.jpg]

[Image: 1MMtf9.jpg]

[Image: 1eynJS.jpg]

[Image: dd7sJ.jpg]

[Image: 1eysJ9.jpg]

[Image: 1MMvKi.jpg]

[Image: ddcs0.jpg]

[Image: ddeX9.jpg]

[Image: 1vdQUr.jpg]

[Image: 1MMAJA.jpg]

[Image: ddhri.jpg]

[Image: 1eyxIr.jpg]

[Image: ddjWr.jpg]

[Image: 1MMDdJ.jpg]

after the media blasting work
[Image: 1vdYnS.jpg]

[Image: 1MMId0.jpg]

[Image: ddoVJ.jpg]

[Image: 1eyCHJ.jpg]

[Image: 1vd_T0.jpg]

[Image: 1ve2n9.jpg]

[Image: 1ve4Si.jpg]

[Image: 1eyHH0.jpg]

[Image: ddtV0.jpg]
hi guys,

here i have a few impressions while i was getting the engine ready..

i painted the engine with por15 engine enamel
[Image: 1lNJor.jpg]

[Image: kt8wJ.jpg]

the soda blasted valve covers
[Image: 1lONKi.jpg]

NOS oil pan seal :-D
[Image: 1lPlFi.jpg]

[Image: 1C4a8J.jpg]

[Image: 1U8Wf0.jpg]

new timing chain
[Image: 1lPt8J.jpg]

[Image: ktxt9.jpg]

almost done
[Image: 1lPD7i.jpg]

[Image: 1U90ei.jpg]

the original 4300D autolite carb
[Image: 1lPN5S.jpg]

original boss intake
[Image: 1lPS59.jpg]

original ram air plenum painted
[Image: 1U9hHi.jpg]

[Image: 1lQ13J.jpg]

[Image: 1U9rFS.jpg]

more to come
i started closing up the engine and here are a few pictures.

timing chain is A-Ok so on goes the seal
[Image: 1NJd2i.jpg]

[Image: 7pH9J.jpg]

[Image: 1NJzuA.jpg]

[Image: 1NJEtS.jpg]

[Image: 1xsBG0.jpg]

looking good
[Image: 7q2C0.jpg]

on goes the intake
[Image: 7q7Bi.jpg]

[Image: 1xt75S.jpg]

[Image: vZyF9.jpg]

[Image: 1NL4h0.jpg]

[Image: vZB9i.jpg]

getting the torque right 3/8 = 28-32 ft/lb
[Image: 7qf4J.jpg]

[Image: 1NLoe9.jpg]

i found the correct distributor for my boss engine. cost a fortune though.

NOS base plate
[Image: 7qmz9.jpg]

[Image: 1NMq4S.jpg]

[Image: 7qBx0.jpg]

[Image: 1xtZZ0.jpg]

[Image: vZV6r.jpg]

more to come
we moved on to the door etc. all bare metal parts were epoxy primed

[Image: 1CDQY9.jpg]

[Image: 1CEcpr.jpg]

[Image: 1TmyFr.jpg]

[Image: cMpOi.jpg]

[Image: cMsir.jpg]

[Image: 1CErni.jpg]

after the primer was dry
[Image: cMEM9.jpg]

[Image: cMOKJ.jpg]

[Image: 1CEDR0.jpg]

[Image: 1CEGl9.jpg]

[Image: 1CELkr.jpg]

[Image: cMYJi.jpg]

[Image: BfK5J.jpg]

[Image: BfRA9.jpg]

[Image: 1TnvwS.jpg]

[Image: 1TnAw9.jpg]

[Image: 1CE_ii.jpg]

[Image: 1CF6MJ.jpg]

here a few close ups of the 4300D carb and of the "almost" finished engine:

[Image: 1TnRZ9.jpg]

[Image: cNE7J.jpg]

[Image: cNO6i.jpg]

[Image: cNQBr.jpg]

[Image: 1To8r9.jpg]

[Image: 1Todqr.jpg]

more to come
hallo folks,

the original crankshaft wasn't in the engine but i was told that the 4MA cranks are the same.
[Image: 7d8j0.jpg]

one we go with the pre lubrication of the engine :-)

oil pan bolted onto the engine block
[Image: TbPNi.jpg]

[Image: 7ea9J.jpg]

out goes the distributor and in goes the bit that drives the oil pump
[Image: 7ep7A.jpg]

[Image: un7yJ.jpg]

counter clock wise and away we went as long as the battery lasted
[Image: 1UblG0.jpg]

distributor back into the engine and we were ready for the fire up
here i have a few close ups of the distibutor

[Image: k_muJ.jpg]

[Image: 150r9i.jpg]

[Image: 95akA.jpg]

[Image: k_ru0.jpg]

as you can see i am using the pertronix ignition solution. i've been doing that with all my mustangs and never had any trouble.
as you can see not much rust is in this boss.
[Image: uotd9.jpg]

[Image: uovIi.jpg]

[Image: 1dEcii.jpg]

this area was a little rusty bit nothing really serious.
[Image: QLOzJ.jpg]

the seats are in great condition which means they don't need to be recovered
[Image: 1dD7Xr.jpg]

the P/O gave me 4 door panels, so luckily i was able to refabricate 2 good ones out of the 4.
[Image: QKCKr.jpg]

[Image: unSO0.jpg]

lots of parts that i still have to go thru
[Image: un_hr.jpg]

took the rear window out only to find "almost" no rust :-)
[Image: hYYGr.jpg]

[Image: hZa99.jpg]

the headliner will be replaced
[Image: uojeA.jpg]

Looking good! Lots of work, that's for sure! Keep us posted!!

[Image: rocketfoot2012-copy.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
here's how i restored the 2 door panels.

the 73er deluxe panel
[Image: XiR4r.jpg]

the old beat up ones
[Image: 1jLL5r.jpg]

before cleaning
[Image: 1jLV40.jpg]

after a good wash
[Image: A_y8r.jpg]

after cleaning the carpet area
[Image: oc0y0.jpg]

new glue
[Image: 1jMs_0.jpg]

[Image: XjLrJ.jpg]

original molding after using never dull :-)
[Image: oci00.jpg]

the original handel
[Image: 1jN8or.jpg]

[Image: XkAPJ.jpg]

[Image: XkIj9.jpg]

the original cup moldings
[Image: odmlS.jpg]

put in the wood applications and carefully bend the catches back...try not to break them
[Image: 1jMMX9.jpg]

[Image: ocpur.jpg]

i used vaseline to preserve the panels. vaseline make the plastic softer.
[Image: Xl6fA.jpg]

[Image: oeee0.jpg]

here are a few pictures of the rear seat. as you can see the rear seat was used from 69-73
[Image: XlFaA.jpg]

here the seat tag from 1970
[Image: 1jPc5S.jpg]

my boss was built in 24 november 1970

yes LOTs of work!!

while disassembling the car i was amazed how good this car was. i took a lot of pictures not only to know where what goes but also to show how assembly was done back then...rather fast and sloppy.

here are a few impressions

[Image: 1p9fZr.jpg]

kick panel area driver side
[Image: wwJVi.jpg]

behind the dash...
[Image: 1p9xrr.jpg]

behind the steering wheel
[Image: 15hj6J.jpg]

[Image: 1p9Hq0.jpg]

vent area driver side....not even surface rust
[Image: 1p9JV9.jpg]

here without the box
[Image: wxzii.jpg]

original as if it came off the assembly line yesterday
[Image: 15hS1J.jpg]

all original stamping
[Image: 1p9WnS.jpg]

rust area
[Image: wxVKA.jpg]

[Image: wyccA.jpg]

[Image: 15insA.jpg]

[Image: Jumz9.jpg]

[Image: wyDE9.jpg]

On the carb was the 4300 a euro only type thing? IIRC the Boss had a Holley here in the states.

Jeff T.

Low buck, touring style, '73 Convertible "rolling restoration", 351c, 2v heads with a shave and a haircut, Performer intake, Holley 650(ish), roller rockers, screw in studs, guideplates, stainless valves, Duraspark / Motorsports MSD, T-5 conversion. 1-1/8" front, 3/4" rear swaybars KYB shocks and some home brewed subframe connectors. Future plans; JGC steering box, Cobra brakes and... paint, interior, etc.

When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

[Image: 1_12_09_14_10_15_11.png]
i moved on by removing the toploader, fuel tank, headliner, chrome molding, brake lines, fuel line, shock absorbers and so on. none of the bolts ore screws broke or were damaged. i was so amazed how good this 71 mustang was! a few rust problems did show up but nothing really serious. the rear panel and the wheel moldings needed some attention, but that was about it.

rust problem: the wheel area
[Image: NJMh0.jpg]

the original rear bumper
[Image: AwZir.jpg]

[Image: 19b3qr.jpg]

brakes A-OK
[Image: 1taW9J.jpg]

the toploader...only thing missing was the tag...found that thru the german forum :-)
[Image: 19baUS.jpg]

[Image: 19bpSJ.jpg]

[Image: AxkKJ.jpg]

[Image: AxneS.jpg]

[Image: AxpK0.jpg]

[Image: 1tbf6S.jpg]

here's a picture of the torque box
[Image: 1tbhC0.jpg]

[Image: Axxdr.jpg]

[Image: 1tbp5r.jpg]

the front suspension area
[Image: 1tbrAA.jpg]

[Image: 1tbz40.jpg]

a few more pictures of the under carriage
[Image: AxMbi.jpg]

the rear axle that was on the car wasn't the original 3,91:1 axle but i found the original in switzerland
[Image: AxW9S.jpg]

[Image: NKz9S.jpg]

[Image: NKBF0.jpg]

these are the parts that need to be restored
[Image: 1tbJ2A.jpg]

New rear panel
[Image: Ayf70.jpg]

[Image: 19cEc9.jpg]

a few more pictures of the interior
[Image: NKJ8r.jpg]

[Image: 19cQFS.jpg]

[Image: NKLDA.jpg]

[Image: 19cVF9.jpg]

[Image: NKT70.jpg]

[Image: 1tbQx0.jpg]

[Image: 1tbT19.jpg]

this is really alot of work!!
(12-27-2010, 08:14 AM)droptop73 Wrote: On the carb was the 4300 a euro only type thing? IIRC the Boss had a Holley here in the states.

hi i don't exactly know what you are asking, but to my knowledge ALL 351Bosses had the 4300D carb.


what do you mean with IIRC? sorry for the question :-)
after i disassembled the entire car i was really happy because to bigger surprises showed up

rust issues:
both rear wheel houses and the rear panel...that it :-)

here a few more impressions of the disassembled boss.

getting the right color for the under carriage
[Image: LfN1S.jpg]

chocolate brown
[Image: YSel0.jpg]

out goes the front suspension
[Image: 1kz7fJ.jpg]

[Image: Lg5_0.jpg]

i've never seen this before on any of my mustangs. this spring was hooked onto the floor and was used to keep the parking brke cable straight. :-)
[Image: YSojA.jpg]

[Image: 1E9uE0.jpg]

[Image: 1kzjJr.jpg]

this is the 3L25 (3,25:1) rear axle. the original 3L91 (3,91:1) is in stock now :-)
[Image: LgpX9.jpg]

[Image: LgHp9.jpg]

untouched under carriage. never welded or molested :-)
[Image: 1kzwc9.jpg]

[Image: YSNg0.jpg]

[Image: YSSfi.jpg]

[Image: 1kzyHi.jpg]

[Image: 1Earvr.jpg]

[Image: YSXeA.jpg]

[Image: YSZJJ.jpg]

[Image: 1Eb1VA.jpg]

[Image: 1kzIFS.jpg]

[Image: 1EbAQA.jpg]

[Image: Lh7QJ.jpg]

[Image: 1kzNF9.jpg]

federal law in switzerland states that the entire VIN number hat to be visible within the engine bay.
[Image: 1kzQ9i.jpg]

the swiss vin was located right next to the original ford VIN number under the right fender
[Image: 1kzV8A.jpg]

the naked boss
[Image: 1kA96r.jpg]

google offers many translators where you can do the complete post at once. If this helps


(12-27-2010, 09:01 AM)Tnfastbk Wrote: google offers many translators where you can do the complete post at once. If this helps



translation is not the problem but moving around 25 forum pages from one site to the other is....no worries i'll be updating this thread slowly but surely.

(12-27-2010, 09:22 AM)canadian_red_maple_leaf Wrote:
(12-27-2010, 09:01 AM)Tnfastbk Wrote: google offers many translators where you can do the complete post at once. If this helps



translation is not the problem but moving around 25 forum pages from one site to the other is....no worries i'll be updating this thread slowly but surely.


rofl understand
Awesome post that is one hell of a restoration job goodjob


[Image: a58hgh.jpg]
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