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Mustangs Unlimited CT/MCCNE Show
I just got back from the 36th annual spring round up at Mustangs Unlimited's CT location and I'm sad to say there was a pathetic representation of 71-73's Sad Not saying what was there was pathetic, just not enough!!! There was a Sprint, a base Fastback, a Mach 1, a Convertible, and a Coupe. All of which were really nice cars!!! But 5...only 5?!?! At least only 5 that I saw for the short time I was there. We need to start seeing more out there! I talked to the woman who was there with the coupe for a while (great car...her mom was the original owner) and she was so excited that I was restoring a coupe because she's tired of being the only one at the local shows!!! Lets get out there and show off our beautiful "big bodies" more!!!
Anyway...it was a pretty good show all around, not as big of a turnout overall as I expected with the nice weather, but some nice cars!

[Image: 2011smallsig_zps31c630dc.png]
"It's what you learn after you know it
all that counts."

-Chip Foose
Yeah at this point its always fastbacks and verts, granted I like them all but the coupe is just different, I like when people have to ask questions because they seem to only recognize the mach1's.

although I am seeing a growing trend of the 71-73's, for them to be not so sought after, everyone I come across really want one..hmm whodathuought.
You know this has to said "WHERE ARE THE PICS?"
Lol! I didn't have too much memory left on my phone so I only ended up taking 3 pics...

[Image: 2011smallsig_zps31c630dc.png]
"It's what you learn after you know it
all that counts."

-Chip Foose
The Coupe was clean!Cool
3 pics are better than none. And i agree the coupe is clean for sure
Nice coupe!

<img src="http://www.7173mustangs.com/gallery/1_12_09_14_10_32_45.png" />

- Nik
I missed that show. I was away. I am going to try to make it to a few shows this year. The only one I was in was the Thomaston one last year.
I remembered about the show around noon on Sunday, Mustangs Unlimited in CT is only about 1 1/2 hrs away (I have been to the store many times)
I think they have an other one coming up in July or August.
I would love to bring my car down.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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