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"Mustang Mach-E"
I'm rather shocked to read Ford is serious about using "Mustang-inspired" stuff for its upcoming crossover EV.  CarBuzz says Mustang DNA is sorely needed in the rest of the Ford lineup,  but I think anything Mustang applied to other vehicles is dangerous.  Ford even owns the trademark name "Mustang Mach-E".

Your thoughts? (If there is ample discussion on older threads, would someone point those out?  I went back to April this year before posting this.)
i'm looking to buy a new ford ranger at the end of this yr.. and if it said something of mustang knowledge applied to the ranger... well that don't impress me as i'm sure they look at all there vehicles and see what is good or bad and refine the next series. it's just for mind set in advertising
If Ford thinks it will sell more vehicles they will do it.
I think people are lacking in common sense when they let words or names influence what they buy. I look at the product, how it is built and what it offers to make my decision. Not who indorses it.
Look at how Ford has worn out the use of peoples names that pretty much did nothing for the car world but have a name.
Shelby did not design anything on the Mustang. Ford did all the aesthetic design and Holman & Moody did all the engineering for the drive train and chassis. They still ride the name even though he did nothing and was not a very good car salesman either. Gale Halderman told us all about Shelby at the MOM, Mustang Owner's Museum.
The Bullet Mustangs because a car was used in a movie by an actor?
King Ranch Special, who cares if a ranch uses a vehicle?
Harley Davidson Special Edition. One of the worst motorcycles made but has a following.
All the DSO special order mustangs in the past were made to sell to local interest groups. CS California Special, High Country Special, Twister Special, etc. If a piece of tape or a word makes it sell Ford will do it.
Does not take much to influence the average person and Ford will do anything to sell cars. Lots of smoke and mirrors in the car world.
Throw the word Limited on a vehicle to sell more. Limited to as many as they can sell.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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