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Mustang II style front susp. for '71-'73
Does somebody manufacture a Mustang II style front suspension for the '71-'73 Mustang? RRS can make their kit for '71-'73 but its not Mustang II style. Sory If I am beating a dead horse, but I didn't find any traces from this kind of topic - or I'm just blind as usual.

I know that the std. '71-'73 enginebay can take a Boss 429, thats why there are bulges in the shock towers, but I am considering the option where I could get rid of the shock towers to get all available extra space.

good question... You certainly are keen...

[Image: Image3.png]
I haven't seen any 71-73 specific kits. From what I read, the framerails aren't designed to hold all the weight, and that is why there isn't many options for Mustang II kits. Of course I'm sure it has been done and someone here probably knows better than I.

[Image: 25rnz1y.jpg]

could try

Wow, It it is all I got to say.


72HCODE, thanks for the link, I am familiar with R&C kits for A-Fords but didn't know that they are making one for our ponies too. I also find just about 3 minutes ago this:


I am not familiar with Martz chassis products but they do look decent too. So after many years it seems that we have two options now!! In the other hand Martz pricing does not recognize '71 - Mustang front subframe... Ok, I contacted Marzt Chassis and let you know once I've gotten the answer.

You guys are familiar with Steve Ayesh '71 Mach 1 with the 3000 hp twin turbo BBF? It's got very nice front suspension but I cannot remember was it fabricated by his speed shop?

It's very nice to have a '71-'73 oriented Mustang forum, because if I would have asked this Mustang II question on any other '64 to date forum, I would have had answers like, "Heidts must make them, since they're making them for ALL other Fords..." etc.

Thanks guys.
Use the Street or Track.com stuff. It bolts right in and works very well. MII stuff is not that much better then stock when you really dig into it and if you fix the shortcomings of the stock system it is better then the MII stuff.


Stay away from 4 link systems if you want your car to handle properly, they are bind-o-matic. You are better off with a 3 link plus watts link or a watts link and leafs believe it or not with some bushing changes. 4 links limit articulation and create binds. That RC stuff has been around a long time. Rack and PInion is nice but you lose the ability to have true ackermann with your steering. Lee Power Steering can build you a Saginaw based box that bolts right into your 71-73, looks stock, steers about 2x as fast and has a lot more feel then the factory stuff ever did for about 1/3rd the cost. I know, I did it.
Glad I could help Smile

I explored the idea once and decided it was beyond my skill set so I stuck with restoring my stock front end, and kept the Cleveland motor.
This as well, I believe they also work with 71-73's....

They sell opentracker racing products parts.
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