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"Mustang" fender and trunk scripts
Looking to buy the 2 fender and 1 trunk "MUSTANG" scripts. 1972 sportsroof
Should they be all chrome, or just outlined in chrome with black inside of the letters?
They are available as a repo and I think same 72 & 73. NPD catalog has them for $9.95 each Cat. #16098-14. They do have chrome outline and black inside. I have compared NOS to repo and very slight difference. Be sure to clean out the holes in the barrels or replace them would be even better. They do list different mounting kit for trunk on 72 or 73 do not know what is different.

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The emblems you need started life as fender emblems on the 69 Mustang. Ford used the same emblem through the 73 model year. They were chrome with black paint on the front-facing side of the  Mustang letters.  NOS versions (Ford Part# C9ZZ-16098-A) can be found on sites such as E-Bay but can be quite expensive.  Repo versions are now available and have the correct black painted letters. The original Ford emblems had pins (locating studs) on the reverse side and used barrel nuts to retain the emblem. There is an adhesive-backed repo version available but I have not used them so I cannot tell how well they fit. Don at Ohio Mustang Supply is a site member and vendor here and has helped many with new and used parts. Give Don a try, he will take care of you.

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