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MSD Tach Help
I have a 72 Mustang mach 1, i just recently installed a MSD 6AL and a MSD Blaster 2 Coil. Distributor has a Pertronix ignitor kit in it and it is the factory Tach. The tach was working perfect before the MSD box installation. The tach will read about 200 at idle and slightly go up to 300 when running. The grey wire from the MSD is not connected to anything. There was a red/pink (not sure what color) in the factory harness that was connected to the (+) side of the coil (Believe to be the ignition wire). Disconnected that and connected it to the red wire from the distributor and the red from the MSD. Not sure where to go from here. Where the grey wire connect and do i need a tach adapter from MSD? I have no clue what the wires look like for the tachometer or where to find them in the engine bay.

Thanks for any help.
Well I say that it is the MSD..

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Search on "current triggered tach mad 8920". Chuck
c9zx;287481 Wrote:Search on "current triggered tach mad 8920". Chuck

So I will for sure need the 8920 adapter?
I'm sorry I sound so noobish on this.
If your running the msd with stock tach yes. If not you can send your tach out to rocketman and have it converted to work with the new msd. That's what I did with mine.


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Do I need to do anything with the ballast resistor?
Just leave the factory tachometer trigger wire T'd into the MSD box trigger wire(white) and the (black) wire from the Pertronix. Do not use the tach output (gray)from the MSD box.

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I've been told there is a flat 4 pin connector coming out of the firewall and the second is the tach trigger wire. I believe it's red with light green striping on it and I have it tied in with the red wire from MSD and orange from distributor ignitor. If I unplug it the car will not start, just crank. Which leads me to believe that's not the trigger wire but the 12V ignition switch. By factory harness does the tach trigger wire have a plug on the end of it?
msd needs the tach adapter
Alright, thanks guys. Ill let you know if it gets working when i get the part.
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