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movies old classics
Caddyshack.... 1980...I've watched it .....no telling how many times. Dangerfield still isnt FUNNY! JMO

what do they call it??? "slob" humor ...HA!

67 Diamond Blue Vert

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Well, it looks good on YOU though! Wink

Funny how people view Caddyshack. I always felt that Dangerfield's scenes are the only redeeming bits to the whole disjointed mess. That, and the track "The Big Bang" at the end.

All depends on what you go into that film looking for. Personally, I was hoping for a film similar to Back to School* (how they ruined the pace in the 3rd act!) and essentially got a few Dangerfield cameos instead.


*Keith Gordon content - remind me to mash Back to School with Christine with some fancy-pants After Effects work. Should be amusing.

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I just never cared for Bill Murray, he is not funny in the least, and he is just down right lazy. But, that is just my opinion. Some people must like him or he wouldn't be famous.
I thought he was great in Stripes..
may i throw in BLAZING SADDLES as one stupid but funny movie
Also VERY politically incorrect... very funny!!!

Jeff T.

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When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

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I always liked Airplane! with Leslie Nielson. And of course, Naked Gun and Spy Hard were classics, too. A parady doesn't get any better than when Andy Griffith plays the bad guy. Wink

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LOL....DropTop... Blazing Saddles? I should have posted this when I FIRST joined. If you recognize the lack of political correctness in that film, its only fair that I acknowledge to myself...there was no such thing as political correctness at the time of shooting the film. So now I'm SURE I've offended you MANY times as new member here.

I would apologize....but sorry dude life is too short.

67 Diamond Blue Vert

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
If we ar doing politically incorrect cheech and Chong up in smoke,classic. The Hangerover is very funny and trucker and dale verses evil is pretty funny too.

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
I loved "Fletch" and "Back to School".
One could mention all of Mel Brooks' movies, not only "Blazing Saddles".

By the way, I think political correctness is for people who are afraid of their own opinion.
If you're offended by something I post blame your parents because they raised a pussy. Smile

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