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Mouse proof your garage
OK guys, if you are into cars, I sure that you have a garage or workshop were you store / keep your cars.  With that said:

1) Have you ever had mice in your garage?

2) Short of placing a cat inside full time, how did you get rid of the little devils?

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

step one - find and seal all possible entry points. Mice can enter via very small holes. Stuffing steel wool in the hole works great as the mice will try to chew through what you put in the hole and the steel wool will cut them up and they won't come back.

step two - traps, I use the sticky kind with a little bait on it and have them in corners and such.

step three - don't leave doors open

I live in the country near several farms and the mice come running for shelter in the late fall and the steel wool is the only thing I have found that keeps them out, I tried expanding foam but they eventually chew through that.

hope this helps out

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- Jason

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I live on a farm . Every thing 73pony has listed above is what I do. Good luck !

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We have to use rat / mouse poison every year in the fall or we get over run in the house & garage. I don't really like the idea, but it is the only thing we found effective. Traps of any kind just don't cut it. We live in teh country and as soon as it starts to get cold they move in.

Worse part is that we usually have at least one that will die in a wall, or closet, or somewhere else that really stinks up the place for a week.

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It's not the fine cheese you need to waste just plain old peanut butter smeared on them traps will get them!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
I have a cat and the "catches" are proudly brought and left at the house door. Very effective.

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Nice Fabrice, but then you have to clean it up or teach your cat to eat it! LOL

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
I use the steel wool and sticky traps as well. I try to avoid poison that they eat as mudbilly indicated they end up dying somewhere and stink the place up as well as often time stain the surface they die on. Do not want them dyng in the car.

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I use the electronic repellents and I keep corn for deer in garage and no mice yet. Garage is 4,000 sq. ft. and I have doors open a lot so they can just run in behind my back, lol.
There is a quite effective mouse / rat trap that is free. If you go to youtube and search for mouse trap or coke bottle mouse trap there is video showing. You need a large bucket maybe 5 gallon, steel rod or tube, old plastic coke bottle and peanut butter. The rod is inserted through the cap on the coke bottle then the bottom of the bottle and the rod inserted in hole in the bucket. It needs to be able to turn free. Peanut butter on the bottle a ramp for the mice to go up. When they go out on the rod and bottle to get the peanut butter it turns and they fall into the bucket. Can put water in the bucket so they drown and can catch a bunch in one night, no reset.
If I do use a regular mouse trap I tie a rubber band on the trigger and put the peanut butter on it. They pull on the rubber band and WHAP.
I had more trouble with ground hogs had to take out 7 this year. I caught a couple by hand when they were small. Just grabbed them like you would a rabbit on back of neck. They go crazy. Will go see if I can get the link to the video showing the coke bottle trap.
Try this link.

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