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Moog Idler Arm, Holes don't match and Geometry
(10-14-2019, 06:38 AM)73\ mach 1 Wrote: Not sure which brand I got from Summit but I just replaced mine yesterday along with the rest of the steering linkages.
 That looks pretty good. The drag link is parallel to the frame and looks to be level.
If the frame bolt centerline to the drag link bushing centerline is 5 1/4" or thereabouts, you should have no problems.


I learn something new every day!
(10-14-2019, 05:34 PM)andy72 Wrote: 73'mach 1, you didn't mention if it had the same critical dimensions as your o.e.m. stock unit...

Hemikiller, thank you so much for the info..  I was really wondering what to do.

I just reread the post from Stanglover from 2-4-16.  He mentioned that if the center line of the mounting bolts to the center line of the
hole is 5.25", that the arc would be the same, and therefore ok?  Unless I didn't understand.

I was checking it out on the car today.  When the idler arm end of the drag link is down lower than that of the pitnam arm, it doesn't
look right because of course the center section is slanted down.

Hemikiller, again thanks.  I'll send back the Moog unit, get the bushings, and go that direction.
 Andy72, Referring to my "sketch", as far as I could determine, if dimensions "X" and "Y" on the original Ford part match the new part, then all should be good. And yes, you did understand what I was trying to get across.
Replacing the bushings may be your best bet overall. I actually think I'll order those and re-bush my old original even though it was a M/S. I ran that with the power steering upgrade I did for a couple of years without any issues whatsoever.

I learn something new every day!
Thanks, really appreciate the info.
The Moog idler arm is a terrible fit for this car.
The hole spacing isn't even close.  Not just "elongate" a hole.
Returned the Moog and have the bushings on the way to rebuild...
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