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montiecarlo bar?
well i was looking to make the shock towers a little bit better braced but... will the streight brace clear a 351c and a msd distributor?

Dunno if it helps but I know that it does not clear 351W with a Duraspark distributor.
I wonder how that thing is supposed to fit in anyway as it did not fit with the 302 with the original distributor either, at least not with straight cables.
Maybe it woulda fit with angled cables but you could still not pull a cable without taking off the bar.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Check out my video:

Mine fit with the stock distributor, but I had to remove the snout from the stock air cleaner.
I got one with my suspension kit from LMM, but I'm skeptical that it'll fit around the distributor.

The reason? Check out this picture:
[Image: mump_1005_03_o+1971_ford_mustang_mach_1+engine.jpg]

Without seeing where the bar mounts up, I have to wonder if a straight bar will clear the distributor on a 351C. Especially if it has to clear the backside of an A/C Compressor as well. I'm planning on going with a Pertronix Flame-Thrower distributor... which should be pretty close to stock, as I understand it.

Fortunately, I have a hydraulic pipe bender at my disposal, but I'd rather not have to re-engineer something like that if it's not necessary.


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You know guys... I dont think a straight bar can fit (not only fit in the place but to give enough clearance to access de distrib cap and stuff)... The curved one is better in some ways and worst in others...

I think, best choice is to make the Montecarlo bar to fit your specific engine bay configuration... It is an easy job (Repro bars are not that well finished either) and for some bucks you can get a excelent fitted bar, can make it adjustable or with a better attachement place (shock towers maybe?) etc...

I did use one made by myself in the 351W, standard distrib and no AC in a 1970 coupé... It was my first try when i didn´t know much about making parts myself.. I wasn´t as excelent as i am now (joke of course Tongue ) and it came out much better than the NPD repros i´ve seen...

Let me look at a pic to show you... maybe tonight i can post it Tongue

Damián Cool

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I have one on my Mach 1 I have no problem with it.

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
Nance can you post a pic of the mounted monte carlo bar? I got one fron Don but not sure how to mount it.

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Sure but It may be monday.I am at work today..

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
Nance;26147 Wrote:I have one on my Mach 1 I have no problem with it.

Did you notice any improvement in handling?
I thought Ford strengthened the body and frame in 71 so it didn't need a MC bar.
My stock Mach handles ALOT better than my 69 Cougar XR7 ever did.

1971 Mach1
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homelessmexican;25986 Wrote:well i was looking to make the shock towers a little bit better braced but... will the streight brace clear a 351c and a msd distributor?

I have one that you can have for free just the cost of shipping. I got it as part of a handling kit which included front and rear sway bars. It will not fit with a ramair base. It is simply taking up space.


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