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Missing items and other bad customer service.
Just my experience - I've used CJ for a lot of things. I have experienced an occasional hiccup with part availability, but overall, they have done well by me. My biggest gripe is that once in a while they don't have an item that shows in stock, but that has honestly been rare - maybe twice out of perhaps 30 or so orders over the last couple years. Not perfect or ideal, but not so bad either.

The few times i complained, I got a response and a refund was offered with no hassle.

1971 Mach 1
351C/FMX, trick flow  heads
Lunati retro roller conversion ("stockish" specs with high lift).
Classic Auto AC
Manual Front Disc conversion
620 lb front and 5-leaf HD rear springs w/Gas-adjust shocks

[Image: 1971-MACh1.jpg]
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(03-18-2020, 07:08 AM)1sostatic Wrote: Why don't we invite a CJ representative in here and voice the gripes? ...  the 71-73 style gets it's 50th anniversary next year ...they might do something for us.

Great idea but I doubt that will happen.  I'll skip the details of the problem but sent an email to Kevin Hiltz who is their senor customer care rep.  Never heard back.  No acknowledgement of my email or problem.  At least a quick wham bam thank you ma'am would of gone a long way.  

In todays competitive marketplace top level customer service is the one thing you need to keep and increase your customer base.  It seems that to many businesses have forgotten that.


"The only dumb question is the one not asked"
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I must say when I signed up a few weeks ago I asked about vendors, OMS and NPD were sort of 1 and 2, was told CJ should be a last stop. I have been buying some parts here and there getting ready to do my work once it comes back from a mechanics shop and have purchased quite a few parts from KY Mustang, Eckler's (Mac's) and NPD and so far everything is perfect. I did pick up a few things as well from OMS but via ebay and I even scored an almost NOS LIGHTS bezel from West Coast Cougar (cars parts, not older women)
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CJ's did like a few other vendors did. They tried expanding into other thing's they knew nothing about. It's not working out well. My last visit this spring was, they only needed one person behind the counter. I was the only one there. They quit coming to the ford nationals in Carlisle about 5 yrs. ago. It's been down hill since then.
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I have had great experience with NPD and with Daniel Carpenter.
I ordered paint to refinish a set of Sport Wheel covers and their catalog listed as being correct for wheel covers so I ordered. It was wrong so I went to their comment area and stated it was wrong. The next day I had an email from them and they apologized and agreed that the catalog was wrong and offered to send me the correct paint for free. I had already done the caps and did not get the right one.
The other was when I ordered the lower control arms from my Mach 1. I ordered the MOOG that was said to be exact match. When they came they were different in the area of the sway bar mount. I again went on the site and added a comment on the product and again got a email from the manager with a picture of a the control arm on a 73 cougar in their collection. It is the last cougar convertible built and has a few hundred miles on it and is in Charlotte. The control arm they sent was exactly like the one on the car. So my car had another of those running changes Ford does on it. 
They do have specialists for each car they supply parts for and you will get an answer from them. 
I ordered some tail light lens and new frames from Daniel Carpenter on his ebay store. When they came one was broke they did not even want a pic or the old one back they sent another the next day. 
I talked with a plating supplier at a show last summer. He said he did all of the Carpenters repo parts. Said they were the best customer he had always paid on time and never an issue for years. 
My friend that restores cars uses NPD in Charlotte for lots of different cars and never has an issue. If he does not like they take back and replace. He got quarter panel for a camaro and he told them it was 2" off for the wheel opening. They said not way but sent another and he sent back and they called and agreed somehow was way off. Taiwan made of course. 
Another bonus is they have great catalogs.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
If necessary - I'll send a letter to Jay Ziegler, their CEO   Undecided

[Image: wizzy.jpg]
Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history

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