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Mirror remote switch help
So my mirror glass is cracked and my remote was missing in the door so I bought a donor Torino racing mirror off craigslist. Using a hair dryer I got the glass off easily enough.

I took the top part of the door panel off and got the remote from inside the door, the trim ring was missing and the knob was snapped off. Luckily my donor has all of that.

My problem is that even when depressing the switch (what's left of it) I can't seem to unhook the cables from it. And to pull out the little brass bit from the housing seems impossible, just simply not enough room I figured if I can get the two exposed sides out the third more concealed one should be loose enough. I cut the cables on the donor one so I could understand better how they're hooked in. I have to be missing something here. Is there away to release all tension? I just can't wrap my head around it.

Here's some pics.

If anyone has some tips it would be greatly appreciated, I also have lots more pics. Once figured out I'll do a write up.

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[Image: 6s3las.jpg]
It's been awhile, so here goes: you may have to cut back a little bit the plastic sheathing around the three cables. Note the colors (yellow, green, red) of each - I added new paint daubs to make sure I did not mix them up.

Pull the spiral cable housing out of the end fitting (Lower middle picture is excellent showing the assembly), then the inner cable will come loose. Patience is required.
Cables are crimped into the housing
The metal tabs usually break off
I never had any luck fixing them
Good luck

Ohio Mustang Supply

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honestly,,,,, they are impossible to fix like don said. i attempted to fix my old ones, gave up and attempted to get donor replacement mirrors; found out those usually have pivots all worn out and the mirror dance around as you drive.... gave up and bought 2 new reproduction mirrors left with remote and a right mirror. painted them and put them on the car..... never looked back Sad

i still have the set i tried to pop open that knob piece and try to repair it and it is a hopeless mess now, i remember trying to open up the mirror pivot inside the housing to see if i could pop that side and slide the wires out enough to release the knob side,,, like don said the entire thing is crimped if you bust the crimp the mirror will not have tension and the knob won't work.... huge pain i know!
I see Don has a replacement switch, its out of stock but it looks like its threaded on the end. If I thread the hole in picture three in the base of the old knob, I could screw it in and save myself all the other trouble. Good idea?

[Image: 6s3las.jpg]
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