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Mid Engine Mustang...

Cool "What If" story.
They did make at least one Mid Engine Boss 429 and it had a C-6 automatic. There is a video taken at KK when Henry Ford II was visiting and they are walking around. You see the Mid Engine Boss 9 and can see the engine in the back. They said there was never a real gain so they did not pursue it. The car has never turned up so probably crushed.
The Boss 9 was never meant to be a performance car it was the cheapest way Ford could make the engine legal for NASCAR competition. They did build I think 4 factory backed drag cars that did mostly match racing. There were also two Boss 9 Cougars made does anyone know where either of those are?
Ford did not keep most of their prototypes they were crushed and a few were sold to some of the racers like Bud Moore got the King Cobra Torino prototypes for nearly nothing. GM kept way more of their one off cars.
I think some of the prototypes will be at the grand opening of the MOM, Mustang Owner's Museum in Charlotte in April.

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