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Metal Flake Paint, helppppppp
Hi there, Im thinking about painting my 71 fastback mach 1 , it's black just now and I want to keep it black but this time I want to do it in a nice shiny black with silver metal flakes in it, I just went to the paint shop but the choises they had were pretty lame so the question is, is there anyone in the know that can point me in the right direction IE does the metal flake get added to the clear coat? any help would be great , thanks
If you have never sprayed metal flake before I would suggest not doing it. It will "splotch" very easily.
I've seen "flake" put in the clearcoat before. The "big" flake, not just metallic. It looks terrible.
Leave it to the bass boats and VW dune buggies:
[Image: 495_main_f.jpg]

Honestly, most of the OE (Ford, Dodge, etc.) have a black metallic (small flake) option on new cars and trucks, if that's what you're after. Motorcycle manufacturers have used it for years as well.
I don't care for it either. Makes the car look dirty even when clean.
Sounds like it would look cook (black metallic), but it just doesn't "pop" like you'd think it should.
But that's just my opinion.

Pete - MotoArts Decals and Signs
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'66 Sunbeam Tiger Mk.IA, survivor
Metal flake is mixed in the clear
Big difference in metal flake VS metallic paint

Metal flake was big in the lacquer paint days
You mixed metal flake in the clear sprayed it.
Then you had to put 8 - 10 coats of clear on it, block sand it, block sand it and block sand it some more.
Another round of clear , more sanding , kept doing that until it was flat again .

Every time I saw silver metal flake or metallic used on black it looks gold

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
Thanks for all your info there, it's put me off doing it with flakes and I thank you for that, I want to keep the stang black and shiny but I also want it to look a little bit different, Im thinking of losing the stripes and getting the 351, mach1, mustang, chrome emblems, Im thinking of using big F O R D chrome letters on the trunk, spaced apart , a little mustang emblem to the right of it, some mach 1s on the rockers , help me out here , I love you guys
Just don't put a Chevy motor in it or turn it into a 4x4 and you'll be alright.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Do you mean like these:

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Maybe consider the newer style pearls that you see on cars nowadays. You see silver pearls on Lexus and some Toyotas.
thanks guys , Im going go go with a glossy black, glad I came in here tho or I could have just wasted a shit load of money and time Smile does anyone know if the Mach 1 rocker emblems from a 70 fit a 71?
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